Definitely Not That Kind Of Blogger

An Evolution from 1st to 3rd place maybe

In our never ending quest to bring our beloved readers quality insight and analysis, Four Five Two is pleased to announce two new additions to our writing staff.  Both are well known to our commentariat, and with their additions we now have an even number of Arsenal and Spurs supporters. I expect things to be even more fun around here. Make sure to be nice to the new guys, we already sent them outside to look for the offside line and the toe balls.

Our first new guy is Zack, a good in-person friend of Lorber’s. Zack roots for Le Arse, and I imagine him drinking some fine wine while discussing the finer points of Barcelona “B” . I picture him enjoying long walks on the beach, poodles, and cheese.

The second new guy is a familiar face from Euro 2012, he helped out with several of our liveblogs, Soccer Apologist is here to round out our Arsenal coverage. Below is a little about him in his own words

My first introduction to soccer was playing as an eight-year-old in Seattle, and by playing, I mean “standing in the back and getting rained on” or “getting stung by a bee while having no idea what to do in the midfield.” But I didn’t come to love it until the ’98 World Cup, and I was finally hooked for good during the ’02 World Cup, when I watched games live at 3 in the morning while bottle-feeding my then-newborn son.
In large part because of Thierry Henry, I’m an annoying Arsenal fan — I even have an Arsenal tattoo, which has gotten me a few free drinks in bars so far — but I’m a USMNT and USWNT fan first and foremost. Other teams I root for: Barcelona (being short like Messi), AC Milan (though they’re much less fun now that Zlatan’s moved on), PSG (a team I liked before they splurged on Zlatan and Thiago Motta), Bayern Munchen, and Celtic. I love to hate Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Balotelli (though I find him train-wreck fascinating), the Italian national team, and ManU, though I’m hoping that Chicharito comes to Arsenal in the pending RVP-to-ManU move.
My favorite rivalry of late was Lalas vs. Ballack in the Euro 2012 broadcasting booth.

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