Row Z: FIFA Ruins Everything

♫Hey, I just met you..♫ “Hmm.. Sepp like.”

There’s a huge glut of international friendlies scheduled today as part of FIFA’s official match date for August. This has obviously pissed off everyone in any way related to an EPL club that has had players called up, and rightly so. Arsenal alone stands to lose 5-6 players due to injury today.

Fortunately, Blatter & Co have seen the light and I have it on good authority (twitter) that the August FIFA date is going away for good. I’m sure Sepp reminded everyone that he has mega-yacht payments due every month, not just in months when there’s a FIFA date and he gets his cash-stuffed envelope. In the end, though, he was forced to relent.

Yesterday, Liechtenstein defeated Andorra 1-0, while Malta edged San Marino 3-2. This got me thinking that FIFA ought to organize a Mini World Cup for all these bitty little principalities that don’t have a popsicle’s chance in hell of qualifying for a major tournament. Throw in Luxembourg, Faroe Islands, Guadeloupe, Easter Island, the Federated States of Micronesia, and so on. Since they probably would never be able to sell TV rights for this, just stream all the games online for free. I would watch. Just pick a team with a funny name (hint: they all have funny names) and start making up chants.

Anyhoo, here are some of the results that have gone final so far, as well as a carefully curated list of the most interesting matches out there this afternoon and evening:

Japan 1-1 Venezuela
South Korea 2-1 Zambia
China 1-1 Ghana
Russia 1-1 Cote D’Ivoire

2:00 Sweden v. Brazil (GolTV)
2:45 Belgium v. Netherlands (ESPND, ESPN3)
2:45 Germany v. Argentina (ESPN2)
3:00 England v. Italy (RAI)
3:00 France v. Uruguay (ESPN3)
3:00 Scotland v. Australia (ESPN3)
4:30 Puerto Rico v. Spain (ESPND, ESPN3)
8:00 Mexico v. United States (ESPN2, ESPN3)

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16 responses to “Row Z: FIFA Ruins Everything

  1. Sweden v Brazil lineups
    Sweden: several players whose names end in “sson”, no Ibra
    Brazil: Ferreira; Alves, Silva, Luiz, Sandro; Ramires, Oscar, Paulinho, Romulo, Neymar, Damiao

  2. Also, fwiw, it looks like Univision will have Uruguay-France (presumably in spanish) and GOLTV will show Ingerland-Italy match on 1-hour delay

  3. Neymar serves Damiao for Brazil’s goal, and now I’m off to find a stream of the Argentina game.

  4. *starts to sob. then counts money just received and sanity saved by avoiding inevitable injury reports all this year. remembers idiotic public statement from RvP…shrugs shoulders*
    Eh, thanks for the 30 goals, now screw off.

  5. Apparently Di Maria ripped an amazing shot from 35 yds out while I was in the restroom. Argentina up 3-0.

  6. USMNT lineup fools USA lineup: Howard; Johnson, Cameron, Edu, Castillo; Jones, Beckerman, Williams, Torres; Donovan, Gomez

  7. Crap crowd at the Azteca for this. Would’ve been better stateside. Also, Mexico coach shaved, doesn’t look like the wolf man anymore.

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