Some Excellent News: Stiliyan Petrov in Remission

Support for Stan, in the territory of 7500 to Holte. (credit: Kenny Oldham)

As you know, Aston Villa club captain Stiliyan Petrov was diagnosed with Leukemia on March 30 of this year.  Since that time, the football community has been absolutely excellent in its support for one of the true gentlemen of football, joining in Villa supporters’ standing ovations at the 19th minute of every match since the diagnosis.  The tradition even carried throughout Villa’s US Tour this past weekend, with the Philadelphia Union, Chicago Fire and Portland Timbers all making announcements inviting their fans to join Villa supporters in their minute’s applause.

So yesterday, as the team flew back to Birmingham, Villa’s encouraging preseason was made even more delightful with a tweet from Karl Court, emeritus General Secretary of the Aston Villa Former Players Association. To whit:

“I have been asked by Stan to say a massive thanks to all of you as he has just received the fantastic news that he is in remission

Now, Court followed that with the caveat that, as with all cancers, Petrov would still have to be monitored carefully.  But this is truly a reason to celebrate.  Best wishes to Stan through the next phase of his recovery.


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