Row Z: Euro 2012 Final

It seems the mid-Atlantic heat wave has knocked out power at the 452 skunkworks. Since it’s pretty impossible to liveblog a game by candlelight, we’re putting up this open thread so you can offer us your pearls of wisdom on this match.

By now you should be familiar with the lineups. Rest assured that both Iker and Buffon will be key today, and the Spaniards will try to suck the life out of the game (and put us all to sleep) with their tiki taka passathon. Personally, I’m hoping for an Azzurri win, and dreading a scoreless draw that goes to penalties.

Enjoy the game, folks. It may be the last meaningful soccer you’ll see for weeks.


8 responses to “Row Z: Euro 2012 Final

  1. Truly, truly shocking the reversal in form for him. Especially considering he sat out 2 full games (right?). He was really pretty good most times he came on, aside from getting pwned by Buffon in the first game v. Italy.
    Maybe now he’ll find his 09 Liverpool form for Chelski next year? He is still under 30, he could have a few good years left. Right? I also hear there are good deals to be had on Everglades real estate.

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