AM 452: Top Top Lad Edition

With the group stages of Euro 2012 in the books, the fine folks at Four Five Two headquarters have once again bandied together to discuss Europe’ premier racism extravaganza. I am joined by Skipjack as we go group by group and discuss the surprises (few) of the group stage. I make sure to take full credit for predicting the Czech Republic would go through too. We also babble on about the normalcy in the other groups, as well as the ineptitude of goal line refs. Of course the big news of the week was the departure of Spurs manager ‘Arry, so in typical Spuds and Everton fashion, we go all hysterical about who is and isn’t going to be on the touchline at White Hart Lane. As always you can listen in below, or subscribe to us on iTunes. Just search AM 452, and the episode should be up later today. Any comments or questions leave below and we may even be on top of things enough to answer some next week.

Sepp Blatter is a moron


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