Ronaldo Tormented by Messi Chants? Oh, Boo Hoo!

“Over the bar again? Crap.”

Apparently some bright Danes taunted Cristiano Ronaldo with Messi chants during yesterday’s Euro 2012 match, in which the Portuguese Preener had a disappointing outing. Portugal won, yes, but their way out of the Group of Death is fraught with peril. Following the match, Metronaldo lost his cool and went off on the assembled media:

“Do you know where Messi was this time last year?… He was getting knocked out of the Copa America in his own country. I think that’s worse don’t you?”

This little outburst was quite amusing to the Argentine sports media, who were quick to point out a couple things:

Diario Olé noted that, “beyond the angry retort, he’s apparently been misinformed: Argentina were knocked out of the Copa America in the quarterfinals, against Uruguay.”

Cancha Llena reminded him of a slight detail. “The ghost of being the second best player in the world chases him everywhere. But he failed to remember that Euro 2004 was played in Portugal. In that tournament, with Ronaldo as a starter, his team lost to Greece and wasted a chance to win Portugal’s first Euro title.”

That last one stings, doesn’t it? Ronaldo’s snappy comeback to the Danish taunting blew up in his face, it seems.

Oh, Ronaldo. You’ll always be second best. Messi is younger than you, more likeable, more popular, more successful, and a better player, too. So sorry for your troubles. GET OVER IT.


2 responses to “Ronaldo Tormented by Messi Chants? Oh, Boo Hoo!

  1. Dude was 19 in Euro 2004. When Messi was 19, he was sitting on the bench watching Argentina get bounced out of the World Cup by Germany.

  2. Lorber, you ignorant slut.

    No, that’s a fair point. He reached the final, too. Still, Messi pwns Ronaldo in my book.

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