Fernando Torres’ Livejournal EURO EDITION

In my dreams, I can soar like a bird. A pouting, overpaid, spoiled bird.

Song: Screaming Infidelities – Dashboard Confessional

Mood: Inevitable dread

A black hole is a spatial anomaly with a gravitational pull from which no light can escape. It is also the perfect analogy for my life right now. I try my hardest and do everything I can to make him happy, but nothing is good enough to escape the gravitational pull of my despair. I think he’s going to leave me … on the bench.

Vincent has been with me for years. We used to be so happy together. I would score. He would celebrate. I would get another tattoo in a questionable MS Word font. It would say the name of one of my children, but Vincent would know it was really for him.

Vincent, I’m over here. Vincent, I’m … WHY WON’T YOU LOOK AT ME?!

We used to laugh and skip across Europe, smiling with one another, qualifying for tournaments. Sweeping all before us. Holding hands and thrilling one another. It was a magical time. Then we took a vacation to South Africa two years ago. We tried to do everything the same way, but it just wasn’t the same.

Vincent says I’m still important to him and all the right things, but it just DOESN’T FEEL THE SAME. I can see it in his eyes. He doesn’t believe in me. He doesn’t trust me.

I… I … don’t know what I can do. I won a cup, right? Isn’t that good enough for you? Doesn’t that prove that I’m still the same old Fernando? But no, he wants other, newer, more exciting strikers, who score goals. I can’t believe Vincent could be so superficial. What about my runs into space? What about my pouty face?  What about that time 3 years ago that I used to be good?! ARE GOALS ALL YOU WANT FROM ME?!

I’m sorry Vincent, please don’t be mad. I just want to start. I just want to play. I just want to escape this gravitational pull of despair. I just want to be together…. with you, Vincent. In Eastern Europe. Just me and you, together. Like it used to be.



3 responses to “Fernando Torres’ Livejournal EURO EDITION

  1. Hilarious! My wife used to be an emo kid in high school and she crushes on Torres big time. No amount of me pointing out his suckitude dissuades her. All she remembers is the first time she became aware of his emo charms, that one season at Liverpool when he was actually good. She remains blissfully ignorant of the spectacular waste of hair frosting and oligarch rubles he has become.

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