Cassano Hopes Azzurri is Free of “Queers”

Come on Jose! It’s not gay if I leave my underwear on.

Euro 2012 has already seen a couple incidents of racial abuse, first during a Dutch training session and then directed at Czech right back Theodor Gebre Selassie.

But now it’s time to pull out your bigotry bingo cards and check off homophobia. All we need now is a little misogyny and anti-semitism and we’ll be all set.

Italian striker and post-coital-pastry-lover Antonio Cassano has shocked the world by turning out to be a huge douchebag. When asked about rumors of two homosexual players in the Italy squad, Cassano replied:

“Queers in the national team? That’s their business, but I hope not.”

I’m surprised that a man who enjoys being naked in front of other men as much as Cassano does would have such a problem with homosexuality. Maybe he’s just afraid if any gays are around they won’t be able to control themselves when confronted with his luscious nude body.

On the other end of the tolerance spectrum is German striker Mario Gomez, who I was pleased to learn spoke out a few years ago in support of gay footballers.

But you can never be too careful when Germans are speaking about minorities. It may seem innocuous, but there’s always a darker subtext you have to watch out for.

To show…..their pride


3 responses to “Cassano Hopes Azzurri is Free of “Queers”

  1. Geez, this tournament can’t get out of it’s own way with the bad headlines. But you’ve got to admire Europe still trying to pretend they have the moral highground on tolerance and diversity. We may have had issues in the past, but at least we acknowledge them, deal with them and try to get better. Europe is literally backsliding into 1930s territory.

  2. More fun news in hypocriscy, Sepp Blatter is trying urge the Israeli FA to get involved in a political matter where a Palestinian soccer player is in jail and on a hunger strike. But if you ask him why a country can’t arrest corrupt soccer officials he decries political interference

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