AM 452: Euro 2012 Edition

For the 5 of you who have been longing for a return of AM 451, We’re Back with an extra long episode! With the first round of matches for Euro 2012 in the books, I am joined by my wonderful colleagues Skipjack, Keith, and Lorber to digest the finer points of Euro 2012. AM 452’s professional analysis means we are going to break down important things such as why Balotelli’s hairstyle is so simple, the many ways Shay Given can score on himself, and why Germany is awesome. There is also some legit talk about racism, and our thoughts on the managerial merry go-round. As always click below to listen, or go to iTunes and search “AM 452” to subscribe or download. Leave your thoughts below and enjoy the matches today.

John Terry for the spit take on Lescott

Heck yes


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