FourFiveTwo’s Euro Fantasy League

Nothing says European Football like McDonald’s

Euro 2012 is about to kick off and what to better way to enjoy it than with a little friendly competition? FourFiveTwo hereby presents our Inaugural, Official, and Totally Awesome 4-5-2 Euro 2012 Fantasy League!

The tournament begins this Friday, so get off your asses and put together your squad before then. All squads for Matchday 1 must be finalized by 17:45 CET on June 8. (I have no idea what time that is in real America time, so if you want to be safe, handle yo bidness by Thursday).


Code to Join: 239068-60786

If you’ve ever played Fantasy Premier League Football in the past, it’s similar in a lot of ways, but there’s also some very important differences. Make sure you read up on all the rules before you pick your squad or you will suffer for your ignorance.

Good luck, everyone! Feel free to share your lineups in the comments. Unless you’re a tool and think being secretive will give you some sort of advantage.  It won’t.


10 responses to “FourFiveTwo’s Euro Fantasy League

  1. Working on my team. So far I’ve got Ruddy, Cahill, Barry, Lampard, and Rooney.


  2. Seriously though: Cech; Cole, Evra, Abate; Iniesta, Modric, De Jong, Ozil; Ronaldo, RVP, Jelavic.

  3. I’m locked in, but almost boycotted due to it not just letting me pick everyone from Italy.

  4. I am totally Ruxin from The League. I can’t stop tinkering with my team. I’m probably going to end up with a forward line of Bendtner and Shevchenko by the time I’m done tweaking.

  5. Also, as a special challenge I offer to everyone: Come up with the most hideous kit you can. (Any place we can email screenshots of what we come up with?)

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