Liveblog: Friendly – USMNT v. Brazil

He can’t get a red, white, and blue one until Sunil Gulati sees his birth certificate.

The USMNT gets another tune-up tonight before beginning their qualifying campaign for the 2014 World Cup.

After dismantling Scotland 5-1 in Jacksonville on Saturday, Jurgen Klinsmann’s men welcome the hosts of that next tournament, Brazil, to FedEx Field in Landover, MD.

While it was nice to see the USA romp over an opponent for once, this game should give us a better barometer of where the squad is at.

Qualifying for WC 2014 should be no issue (though finishing on top of CONCACAF is a real priority) so it is these matchups against the teams that you might encounter in the finals, hopefully in the knockout rounds, that should really excite fans of the USMNT.

You can catch the game on ESPN2, Telefutura if you prefer lengthier goal exclamations, or online at ESPN3.

Whichever your viewing pleasure, join me back here before kickoff at 8:00 PM ET.

Full lineups (when available) and my ever witty, insightful commentary after the jump!


Brazil: Some Brazilian guys with one name.

Updated: Rafael Cabral; Danilo, Thiago Silva, Juan, Marcelo; Sandro, Romulo, Oscar; Neymar, Hulk, Damiao

Subs: Pato, Lucas, Rafael, Jefferson, Bruno Uvini, Casimiro, Wellington Nem, Guiliano, Neto, Alex Sandro.

USA: Some American/Mexican/German guys with two names.

Updated: Howard; Cherundolo, Onyewu, Bocanegra, Johnson; Bradley, Jones, Edu; Donovan, Gomez, Torres

Subs: Parkhurst, Dempsey, Beckerman, Castillo, Boyd, Goodson, Rimando

Not in uniform: Corona, Cameron, Altidore, Guzan, Wondolowski

Thankfully nowhere near the stadium: Robbie Findley, The girl who sang the anthem in Jacksonville.

Pregame: Pregame is worse than usual. My fiancee is watching Giuliana and Bill.

Pregame: Currently lubricating with Samuel Adams “Old Fezziwig Ale”. It tastes as good as it sounds. Pretty sure it’s a holiday beer. UPDATE: Confirmed.

Pregame: TACTICS! I’ll be interested to see what kind of shape these lineups actually take.

Pregame: “Brazil is a good team” – ESPN Commentary

Pregame: America needs better cameramen for soccer too. Show the babes man!

Pregame: Would love to see Jurgen dive out of the tunnel once.

Pregame: Someone keep tally of the Americans you see in Brazil shirts.

Pregame: Star Spangled Banner. Serviceable. Much better.

Pregame: Looks like a straightforward 4-3-3 from OOSAH!

Pregame: Brazil counter with the same. Fullbacks key for them as always, will be a tough night for Johnson and Cherundolo.

1st Minute: Good ball over the top, cross opportunity wasted for USA.

4th Minute: Neymar tracks back? No concrete chances early on.

6th Minute: Gomez fails to corral a good ball from Bradley.

7th Minute: Safe hands from Howard. OM correct that Johnson’s going to have his hands full it appears.

10th Minute: Edu wasn’t ready for that pass from Donovan.

11th Minute: Penalty for Brazil! Tough call, right by the letter of the law I guess? Controversial.

12th Minute: GOAL! Neymar flys down a mighty long runway and buries it. Good penalty. 0-1 Brazil.

13th Minute: Torres booked. Presumably for dissent. USA needs to settle down here.

15th Minute: Crowd needs to get back in it. You’re going to get score on when you’re playing Brazil.

Free kick to OOSAH! Dangerous area for Donovan or Gomez

15th: Right down the pipe. Well held by GK Rafael.

18th Minute: Great one on one save by TIMMAY! on Damaio!

19th Minute: Brazil have a decent full court press. Used to good effect on Denmark Saturday.

20th Minute: Oscar booked for grouchiness.

21st Minute: Game opening up a bit, Brazil’s pace worrying the US backline.

24th Minute: Guy just checked his smartphone while chanting USA. Hero.

24th: Donovan’s chip from a free kick gives Bocanegra a chance he should do better with.

25th Minute: Onyewu lucky! Hulk lets him off the hook by passing up the shot 6 yards from goal.

26th Minute: GOAL! Neymar’s corner powered in by a totally unmarked Thiago Silva. The Milan man way too good in the air to have that much space. 0-2 Brazil.

29th Minute: USA corner, well punched by Rafael.

30th Minute: Donovan with a decent effort from a Gooch knockdown. USA has to put a few more on frame in this half.

31st Minute: OM cursed Sandro! He is currently bleeding from the face.

33rd Minute: Good movement from Johnson, but Donovan can’t handle the through ball.

36th Minute: Can you tell this is a younger Brazil? They are hungry and actually seem to be working hard.

38th Minute: Cherundolo clears after a long run from Damiao. Bocanegra not having his finest game, his giveaway led to the break.

39th Minute: Another clearance from a Marcelo cross and corner for Brazil, comes to nothing. Brazil barely letting USA out of their half though.

42nd Minute: Brazil with all the possession now. Bradley helping the backline clean up a mess or two.

44th Minute: Taylor Twellman’s analysis on how to improve on the 1st half? Forget about the first half.

45th Minute: GOAL! USA! 1-2. Gomez finishes a great move from Bradley and Fabian Johnson!

Well well well, great stuff before going in for the break.

Halftime: Klinsmann would surely take this scoreline heading into the half. USA bossed a bit but kept it together. Enough to make Gomez’s late strike add a bit more intrigue to the 2nd anyway.

I continue to like the work of Bradley, a player I cared little for before, and TIMMAY! came up big on one occasion to keep it close.

46th Minute: We’re back! No subs yet. Sandro’s face seems to have stopped bleeding.

47th Minute: Chances snuffed out for Donovan at one end then Hulk at the other.

48th Minute: Hulk tries the cannon from like 45 yards out. Well over.

50th Minute: USMNT finding more space down the right hand side early on.

Marcelo being Marcelo, should be carded for a bit of extras.

52nd Minute: And then that man again. GOAL! Brazil with a quick counter. Hulk to Neymar to Marcelo who finishes confidently. 1-3.

55th Minute: Torres free kick quickly turned into Brazil counter. Johnson chases down Hulk and clears.

56th Minute: The Deuce is loose! Torres replaced by the Fulham striker. We’ve got the pair we’ve wanted to see out there now. Time to produce something.

57th Minute: Jones yellow card, certainly deserved. Just takes out Neymar from behind.

60th Minute: Marcelo finally carded for blasting a ball into a falling Dolo after the whistle.

63rd Minute: US still looking for another killer ball. Jones doesn’t have it.

64th Minute: CHANCE! How does that stay out?? Johnson with a nifty move, crosses to Gomez who looked to set up Dempsey 2 yards out, foiled only by Romulo, mythical founder of Rome.

Unlucky for USA.

66th Minute: Pato hits the post! Another fine set of passes from Brazil sees Neymar through, he sets up the duck, just on and only able to smack the upright.

Lucky for USA.

70th Minute: Brazil getting a little cheeky now. Another US goal can still give us a tight finish.

71st Minute: Deflection of Donovan’s shot could have gone anywhere. Corner to USA.

73rd: USA SUBS: Parkhurst for Cherundolo. Boyd for Edu.

75th Minute: Hulk powers into the US boxx, only to overrun the ball, much quieter than he was Saturday, though still with a hand in the Brazil scoring.

And Oscar stings Timmay’s palms.

76th Minute: USA Chance! Great double save from young GK Rafael thwarts Gomez and then more impressivley recovers to stone Boyd!

80th Minute: 4th corner for the US, getting some decent pressure late on here.

81st Minute: Neymar takes on Parkhurst. I hope I never have to type that again.

Beckerman on for the US.

82nd Minute: Brazil Sub: Hulk replaced by Casimiro.

83rd Minute: Donovan really looking for Deuce, Brazil clear and US waste the ensuing corner.

84th: Neymar also takes his exit.

85th Minute: Chance! Donovan whips in a cross, Bradley get a powerful header on it but again Rafael tips it skyward! What a debut!

And then the bar rattles from a Gooch header! Great work from the USMNT.

87th Minute: Deuce can’t get enough on yet another US corner. Rafael holds comfortably.

88th Minute: GOAL! PATO! 1-4 Brazil. Magic from the just onside Duck. Great tight angle finish. Need to see more of that for Milan next season!

90th Minute: More young Brazilians pour off the bench. Thankfully one removes Marcelo.

93rd Minute: And Brazil kill off the game with more possession.

FULL TIME:  1-4 Brazil

Well, an entertaining match and a game, if not particularly good USA effort. Scoreline only harsh in that they could have had 1 or 2 more themselves. Then again, Brazil could have as well.

Good experience for some of the younger and less capped players. And nice to see a preview of Deuce and Donovan on the field together.

Thanks for joining me everyone!


144 responses to “Liveblog: Friendly – USMNT v. Brazil

  1. Not for anything he is going to do. Just for playing with Spurs emotions

  2. Btw, I’m eating lunch at a Brazilian churrascaria tomorrow. Gonna saunter in there with my USA jersey if we win.

  3. I can see the numbers tonight. At least I know who to curse when they make a mistake.

  4. Wonder if Deuce has to hold his breath sitting on the bench next to Beckerman. Guy’s hair has to ripe, eh?

  5. So the “live” part doesn’t work so great on a phone. But I’m here. And three cheers for doing the live blog. And three more cheers for the Yanks. Somebody punch Neymar in his stupid face.

  6. Ibra ends the match on a disqualification after coming in with the steel chair.

  7. Why hasn’t there been a connection between Hulk and Hulk Hogan? We need more shirt shredding.

  8. I thought refs had more class than to hate against the US in friendlies, I expect that shit in qualifying

  9. Oh Mo. No more you do that.And now yellow card on Torres? This ref wants to be the story tonight.

  10. Ooh, that was a good touch on Johnson. If Gomez is more on the same wavelength, that would have been sweet.

  11. I think this ref thinks this is USA Mexico, that said i like the reaction for the most part

  12. @SA: The lad seems easily swayed by pressure on Twitter. Also, gifts of a hair pic and gift basket would probably do it.

  13. I blame the ref for that goal, we clearly would be dominating if he didn’t fuck up the penalty

  14. Get him out now. Take him out forever (or at least till he no longer plays for Tottenham, then I don’t care)

  15. @Orr: I will take bleeding from the face as opposed to, uh, bleeding from, uh, well. I’ll just leave it there.

  16. If Gomez grows a full fro, would it be against the rules for Bradley, Timmay, and Donovan to sport afro wigs while playing to add to the US hair quotient?

  17. I see so many people who have dumped on Brazil and how boring they play these days, but these lads are balls to the wall. Is it the older group critics on on about then?

  18. @OM, I think people just bitch because Brazil doesn’t play like Spain. Brazil just plays normal soccer quickly, and on defense they pressure the hell out of you. they don’t do the whole 5 yard passes around the field to death thing which is why folks complain

  19. Herein lies a problem with the 3 defensive midfielder set. Behind like this, there’s no one pushing up much to relieve pressure and actually possess the ball on the other side of the pitch.

  20. @Brian: Maybe it’s because they’re not showboating too. Guess less Samba, more direct.

  21. @SA: We got Antigua, but those Barbuda blokes are going to be tough bastards I bet.

  22. That was a bit nice. And Bradley on the start of it again. That guy’s the lead of the team now methinks.

  23. @OM and still you will see people bitch about his lack of ability. While he isn’t as flashy or talented, he fills that critical Xavi role for creating the attack

  24. @OM: exactly. The cranky Brazil fan wants to see jogo bonito every game. This team plays well, but not too flashy.

  25. Nice to see we pulled one back.
    @Orr – That Twellman analysis is straight from the post-concussion CTE school of life lessons. What? Too soon?

  26. Some of the US players are looking shakier than normal, not a good thing going up against even a young Brazil.

    Looking forward to Donovan and Deuce together again.

  27. @KCG – I think he’s doing his part to subtly, unintentionally raise concussion awareness.

  28. Job done, I guess. I’m aware that PCS/CTE sufferers should not be relied upon for insightful TV commentary. See also, Aikman, Troy

  29. @ Brian: With our Soup Nazi referee, everything could be a foul. Waiting for him to award a yellow card to a player for getting knocked to the ground–for hurting the grass.

  30. @Orr, I always go with what I was taught in my various ref certifications, if he gets the ball first and doesn’t intentionally kick or hit a guy as he goes through him, it isn’t a foul

    @OM, waiting for the YC for talking to loudly or breathing too

  31. why did we put on the gray number shirts at halftime? the hell’s up with that?

  32. Fabian Johnson with Deuce on that left flank is making me slightly wet.

  33. Whatever wolf teat Romulo was suckled at should be found and exploited to help our centerbacks not suck.

  34. @KC Gunner: Didn’t Remus kill him? If not, I’m sure Voldemort did/Harry Potter’d

  35. Hey Edu, you don’t get into a dance off in midfield with the freaking Samba Kings!

  36. @prada: Like that. Better than my brother-in-law. He lives on Soft Breeze Court. I feel inclined to bring him feminine hygiene products as gifts when I go for a visit.

  37. @Orr: Then what happened to the wolf? Off to a Berlusconi party after the suckling?

  38. @Mid – That’s pretty bad. But at least it’s not Summer’s Eve Lane. Then it’d be required, not just recommended.

  39. Boyd had a tweet earlier today that just said “Tonight we fight Brazil.” Bring it lad.

  40. More stellar analysis from T Squared. “Absolutely ridiculous” ; “what a ball”; “look at that ball.” Just needs a couple well-placed moans of delight to join the Gary Neville School of Broadcasting

  41. @Orr: “75th Minute:Hulk powers into US Shannon Boxx…” fixed it for you

  42. @OM – Oh but my friend, the Berlusconi parties are where the suckling begins!

  43. No, it is not a good question about whether Jozy has lost a spot he hasn’t been able to reclaim with his club holding him out. Calm thyself Ian.

  44. FML, everyone’s least favorite hacky sacker, Beckerman, has entered the match. Overheard on the pitch: “Who’s got the ‘Bee?” And “Huck that Friz over here, Broseph!” And “You guys have legal pot in Brazil, right? Man I hope I make the 2014 squad!”

  45. Parkhurst sees Neymar go off, thanks the Baby Jesus for answered prayers.

  46. We need to sign this Brazlian GK for the US to take over after Timmay’s done. Oh, wait…

  47. well shit. that’s harsh on the USA. several chances to make it 3-2 – enough they could’ve leveled it. then to end up losing at least 4-1 is harsh. Oh well. we were never in Brazil’s class anyway. The key is to be in the class of England & South Korea so we have a good shot at winning our group and a game or two in the elimination round in 2014.

  48. Great job on the live blog, Orr. We should get Keith to send you a six pack of fancy craft beer.

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