Check Out This Brawl in Uruguay

I can’t tell you much about this clip other than that it’s from last weekend’s action in Uruguay, and one of the goalies has been arrested by police for provoking the riot, in which fans threw stones, causing four injuries.

2:26 Highlight: fan rushes in and throws an awesome karate kick.

Sorry about the lack of a Tango Ball post today. If you’re not worn out on footie after Survival Sunday, check out Boca v. Vélez around 6 p.m. Eastern (might be on a soccer channel, idk). Vélez would overtake Boca with a win.


One response to “Check Out This Brawl in Uruguay

  1. For Jozy, I really wish the Ajax thing had gone thourgh. He’ll never be great technically, but, with his strength, he could be an amazing hold-up player. And I know most of you would disagree, but I think Baby Bradley is about the best thing out there for the US (other than Donovan).

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