What’s in a star?

Sigh. At least it's not Inter.

It’s bad enough that I may have to wrap my brain around Juventus adding the scudetto badge to their 2012-2013 kit.

But, if they do indeed hold on, it seems the Bianconeri brass are intent on sewing another little something above the club crest.

Yes, Juventus will seriously consider adding a third star to their jerseys should they remain on top of Serie A come season’s end.

Each star of course symbolizes 10 scudetti, and the 2011-2012 season will mark Juventus’ 30th championship on the pitch.

However, as you may recall, Juventus was officially stripped of its 2005 and 2006 due to actions involved with the Calciopoli scandal which ultimately saw Serie A’s most successful club punitively dropped from the top flight.

So in the record books, this would only be Juve’s 28th triumph.

This has the potential to cause a firestorm between the Old Lady and other clubs in Italy, the Milan giants specifically, and many influential figures have already weighed in.

FIGC Vice President Demetrio Albertini tried to remain democratic but tellingly declared, “Putting a third star on the shirt would only be an act of provocation,” adding, ““I don’t want to take a position on who was right or wrong, but I will point out Ben Johnson had his Olympic gold medal revoked when he failed a drugs test.”

Albertini and his boss, Giancarlo Abete were clear in one thing however. As the star is an unofficial honor and not bestowed like the scudetto or Coppa Italia badges, Juventus really do seem to be able to do whatever they want.

Abete insists the issue will be reviewed, but the league is unlikely to overstep its powers. “If the issue about the third star then arises, we will respond in accordance with the rules,” said the FIGC President.

What say you, UEFA President and former Juve star Platini?

“It’s an Italian problem.”

Very helpful Michel.

As for how I, a devoted Milan fan feel about this, I am extremely torn.

The logical part of me is pretty content with the argument that as an unofficial symbol, Juve can feel free to do what they want with their jerseys.

With no backing from any real authority it means nothing, and Juventus did hoist the trophy thirty times. I suppose I’d rather them take credit for those titles than Inter.

But a good part of me is also filled with indignant rage.

How dare Juventus usurp the sporting authorities, symbolically or otherwise?

They cheated, they got caught, and they have got to accept that at some point.

And I can’t have Juve and Inter each taking some kind of credit for two Serie A titles. It’s like Milan got beat 4 times instead of 2!

And when Milan get their second star, god damnit I do want to believe it means something.

Obviously, I am in no objective position to make the call on this.

So I pose the question to you, the Four Five Two reader and presumed Serie A ignorer: Should Juve be allowed to add the third star to their kit if they win this season, and if so, should they go ahead with it?


6 responses to “What’s in a star?

  1. That’s tacky as hell. Why would you celebrate titles you didn’t actually win? Since there’s no actual rule, they certainly have the right to put as many stars on their shirts as they want, but why would they want to? That’s totally classless. I’d be embarrassed to wear that kit.

  2. meh, let the Old Lady quilt as she likes. Her loved ones will still wear it begrudgingly, knowing something just ain’t right.

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