Row Z: Fourth is Still Worth Fighting For

Today’s EPL action could see either Newcastle or Chelsea usurping the final CL spot from Spurs, who face relegation-threatened Bolton at the Reebok. Now that ‘Arry isn’t daydreaming about the Euros, perhaps he can get Tottenham back to their winning ways? We shall see. Of course, Chelsea could spoil all this by winning the CL final, but let’s not pencil that in just yet.

Beyond England, there’s afternoon (Eastern) action in La Liga and Serie A. Mourinho could lead Real to the league title with a win over Bielsa’s Athletic Bilbao, while a lame duck Pep tries to beat Málaga and hope for the upset at the San Mamés. Over on the Boot, it’s still a tight race between AC Milan (who face Atalanta) and Juventus (who play Lecce). The Old Lady has a scant three point advantage. Full match schedule here.


19 responses to “Row Z: Fourth is Still Worth Fighting For

  1. Btw, Messi now needs 1 goal to tie Gerd Muller’s record of 67 in one European season. Beast.

  2. Reo equalizes off a throw in, Modric let him into the box completely unmarked.

  3. I hope Newcastle still has something left in the tank after this so they can at least draw with Citeh.

  4. The past few games have showed how important Lennon has been to the team this year. So much more fluid and well-spaced when he’s out there.

  5. That’s why Bolton’s in the relegation zone. Made the effort to tie, then fell apart within ten minutes.

  6. 4-1, 2nd for Ade. BG – agreed. Went open to get the equalizer, but that left all the spaces for Spurs to run into. Coyle should know better – Spurs do so well against that type of play. They struggle much more against organized teams, and then lose goals to defensive lapses. Bolton should have stayed patient and organized.

  7. Cisse has just thrown his hat in the ring for goal of the season. He probably already had signing of the season locked up.

  8. OK Spurs- with Newcastle playing City in a pissed-off mood, you guys can afford to take a dive on Sunday.

  9. Keith – normally, sure, but we need to try to catch Arsenal for third. I have this horrible sinking feeling that Chelsea is going to win the Champs League.

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