City Beats United, Media Gets It Wrong

Meet next year's squad, all the old guys are going to sit on the bench

Yesterday there was apparently a soccer match watched by billions of people, and an apparent changing of the guard was evident. Though Manchester City will still need to win out to guarantee their first title since 1968, stories of their miraculous comeback from 8 points down are circulating the globe. The problem is that these stories are wrong. Yes, City did well to come back from an 8 point deficit, especially after collapsing with their own such lead a few months ago, but this squad is still a disappointment.

Looking at City’s talent level, there is no reason this club should have lost a single match this season. The club has so many players that they loaned out 9 first-teamers, and even then they still had extra men who didn’t make the 25 man EPL squad. There is a reason we like to make fun of their money at Four Five Two, the club has a stupid amount of it.

Take a look at City’s squad. Up top they have some of the best forwards in the game. Carlos Tevez scores enough goals in a season to approach his own golf score, while Mr. Baloteli manages to bag a few winners for every red card he accumulates. Oh and don’t forget Aguero and Dzeko are also in the squad. This isn’t Stoke in terms of talent; any of these four men would start at just about every team in the world.

The ability of the squad just continues to get absurd as you move to the back, looking at players such as David Silva and Yaya Toure, along with Vincent Kompany and Joleon Lescott. The point is that all of these players are some of the best in the business, and City should already be at the top of the table.

Yes, soccer is a crazy game where strange things happen, but when a squad’s talent is so overwhelming the vagaries of soccer should not matter. Anyone who would honestly take Manchester United’s squad over City’s team is either a United fan, or dumber than Jamie Redknapp. If anything this season could be classified as a disappointment for City if they just eke out a title.

The point is that City should be congratulated on winning the title if they do, because it will be a big deal to their fans. That said, let’s not act like this is some underdog story that Disney can make a bad movie out of. Manchester City should have had this title wrapped up a few weeks ago. They have a deeper squad than United, a higher talent level on paper, and they have put up a stupid amount of goals against them in league play. The club will end this season where they were supposed to be, even if they had Harry Redknapp managing them.


2 responses to “City Beats United, Media Gets It Wrong

  1. Well we all know Man United aren’t a wealthy team without a world class manager or players, no one would expect them to win anything

  2. Also: Is this the beginning of the EPL becoming the new SPL/La Liga? 20 pts almost between 2nd and 3rd

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