Mexico Bans Kissing

Spin the Bottle will also be banned from Mexican soccer.

No, there hasn’t been an outbreak of mononucleosis south of the border. Merely a run of the mill case of homophobia amongst members of the FMF, Mexican soccer’s ruling body.

Seems Club América’s Christian “Chucho” Benitez and Matías “the Bull” Vuoso celebrated a goal over the weekend by nearly locking lips (see photo above). The FMF’s Disciplinary Committee reacted by launching an investigation (Span link) and calling for kisses on the lips to be banned from goal celebrations in the Mexican league. According to Alfonso Sabater, head of the FMF DC:

“We can’t allow them to present such an image to the public, the fans, the children; we cannot take it as a good example.”


As you can imagine, others are upset about the FMF’s reaction. Who’s upset?

When did Mexico get some Palermo kits?

These guys, for starters.

That’s three of the members of “El Tri Gay” or the gay Mexican national soccer team (bronze medalists at the London 2008 Out Games). According to Andoni Bello (center), “Mexican soccer is totally intolerant. I’d love to see the moment when a sexually diverse person, who isn’t heterosexual but rather gay or bisexual could express himself freely in a match.”

Besides this incident, they also point to the longstanding tradition of home fans yelling “PUTO” (rough trans. “HOMO”) whenever the visiting keeper takes a goal kick as an example of homophobia run amok in Mexico.

Of course, you don’t have to be an LGBT activist to think that the FMF’s reaction is stupid. During a two minute commercial break at half time, children watching Las Aguilas on TV are exposed to content that makes a pantomimed gay kiss look like a model of chaste behavior by comparison. Never mind the fact that they’re being subjected to Mexican league soccer, which is rarely watchable (believe me, I’ve tried).

Gay rights issues aside, the more pertinent question for soccer fans is what sort of goal celebrations should be banned, if any. Most would agree that players should not be allowed to make gestures associated with racism, racist political groups, or violent militant groups. But what about more conventional political views? Could Landon Donovan celebrate a goal by lifting his Galaxy jersey to reveal a Romney 2012 campaign t-shirt?* In his capacity at that moment as employee of Major League Soccer, I doubt it. What about religious gestures? That’s a big can of worms. So how much freedom of self-expression should soccer leagues give their players? At what point does a league cracking down on players’ self-expression do more damage to its reputation than the expressions themselves?

I’ve got more questions than answers here, but it seems to me that the FMF’s latest move could backfire on them, if it hasn’t already. In trying to protect their league’s “family friendly” image, they may have heaped coals of public outrage on it.

*I have no idea what Landycakes thinks about politics, nor do I care. It’s just a hypothetical.


6 responses to “Mexico Bans Kissing

  1. As far as religion goes, FIFA seems pretty clear. Wearing any sort of religious head covering, no. Crossing yourself every single time you enter the pitch, exit the pitch, score a goal, win a game, tie your shoe, etc. is ok. Also, didn’t a high profile player score a goal and reveal a shirt that said God is Lord or something of that nature a few years ago? Messi, maybe? Bet he didn’t get a fine.

  2. Pienaar lifted up his jersey this weekend to reveal a “God is Great” t-shirt underneath. His God, though, is Aston Martin, so I’m sure no action will be taken.

  3. I think Kaka has a Jesus Loves You t-shirt on under his jersey every game. Not that he ever gets onto the pitch.

  4. Great post. Glad to see someone talking about the homophobia in soccer. Not only is there homophobia all over the globe, but I have still only seen like two gay footballers come out to the public. Why would you come out? Your fans and teammates would make you an outcast and opposing players and fans would give you a ridiculous amount of shit during matches. Also, I love the fact that fake kissing is too gay but piling on top of a bunch of dudes while hugging them from behind is just fine. Something tells me Kaka could pull down his shorts and show off his “I belong to Jesus” ass tattoo and get a standing ovation. Unfortunately, It’s going to be a long time before anything changes. I mean, come on FMF, everyone knows that “soccer is gay”.

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