Tango Ball: Week Eleven (I Think)

Imagine a paintball gun in his right hand. I suck at Photoshop.

I know my handful of page-viewers (readers is too lofty a moniker for you lot) isn’t actually following this league, and I gotta tell ya: you’re missing out. Now, I know it’s not exactly easy to follow the Argie league in the US of A what with so many Euro matches crowding the soccer channel listings. Besides, all the best Argentines play in Europe, right? Touché.

Howevah, regardless of the fact that you need a special subscription to Fox Deportes or whatever to watch the Clausura (confession: I don’t get any soccer channels), it’s actually probably the easiest league in the world to find illegitimate, high quality streams online. The TV rights belong to the Argentine government, and they’re so busy swindling the people while distracting them with populist propaganda that they don’t have time or money to hunt down streams and cut them off. So put this crap on your laptop while you watch more important things on your regular TV.

Looking Back: the last weekend was so awesome, I’m still walking on air. Besides Boca choking against Tigre and having to share the top of the table with Newell’s, there was the Clásico de Avellaneda. And it was AWESOME (unless you’re a Racing fan, of course). Playing at home, Independiente gave up an early goal, then answered with four in a hotly contested, rough and tumble match that saw two Racing players ejected, including Colombian misanthrope Teófilo “Teo” Gutierrez.

In case you don’t know the guy, he’s basically Tevez, Balotelli, and Suarez rolled into a nice little explosive package. Saturday was his FOURTH red card of the 11/12 season, and he allegedly threatened his teammates in the locker room with a paintball gun after the match, ultimately choosing to leave the stadium in a taxi cab rather than on the team bus. I repeat: he threatened to shoot his own teammates with A PAINTBALL GUN.

Tired of his BS, the club let him go and he signed with Lanús, who must not have a policy on players keeping toy guns in their lockers. As if all this mess and losing the game wasn’t bad enough, manager Alfio “Coco” Basile chose to exit stage left. This is the silver lining for Racing, because they signed Luis “The Prince” Zubeldía. This guy is like a pre-Chelsea AVB: only 31 years old, had some good stints as a manager at Lanús and also the Ecuadorian Barcelona. Definitely a guy to keep an eye on for the future.

Midweek Gossip and Other Nonsense: If the Racing Club meltdown I just outlined wasn’t enough for you, how about this fun story? San Lorenzo’s media magnet manager Caruso Lombardi promised the squad a laptop and an HDTV (Span link) if they could beat Godoy Cruz. They delivered a smackdown and Lombardi had to make a trip to the electronics store. The devices will be raffled off amongst the players. If they win their next game, he’s promised to buy them a PlayStation 3 that they can take to the team hotel. Why would overpaid pro soccer players on the brink of relegation give a crap about free gizmos they could buy themselves any day of the week (and probably already own)? Who knows, but it seems to be working.

Looking Forward: Ok, I’ll be honest. This weekend’s matchups are a bit underwhelming. So maybe postpone the streaming party till next weekend. A win for Boca on Sunday against Belgrano would help them stay on top, while Newell’s plays Arsenal on Monday night in a battle between #2 and #3. That is all.


One response to “Tango Ball: Week Eleven (I Think)

  1. “easiest league in the world to find illegitimate, high quality streams online”

    So, basically, this league is the top slut of the sports world & I’m a son of a bitch for not watching it. I see where this is going…

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