The View From Row Z: Midweek Fixture Glut

Oops. Wrong Baggies. Sorry.

It’d be a darn shame if we left you with nowhere to express your rage/joy/ennui over this afternoon’s footie. There’s a ton of matches on this afternoon, many of them simultaneously. This blows, as we’d all like to watch each game live, but will instead be forced to make some difficult choices or fire up the picture-in-picture-in-picture. Citeh host the Baggies, United visit the Latics, Arsenal should beat Wolves (jinx), there’s the Madrid derby and some great Serie matchups. And more.

I’m just going to highlight the most interesting matches below the jump, but you can get the full schedule here.

2:45 Man City v. West Brom
2:45 Man Utd v. Wigan
2:45 Arsenal v. Wolves
3:00 QPR v. Swansea

La Liga
4:00 Real Madrid v. Atlético Madrid

Serie A
2:45 Roma v. Udinese
2:45 Juventus v. Lazio

2:00 Bayern Munich v. Borussia Dortmund

Copa Libertadores
6:45 Chivas v. Vélez
9:00 Boca Juniors v. Fluminense


2 responses to “The View From Row Z: Midweek Fixture Glut

  1. I’d just like to take a moment to say fuck Sebastien Bassong and fuck Arsenal.

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