A View From Row Z: Easter Edition

Even though it is the holiday weekend we decided to get off our lazy asses and put together a little thread to chat. The big clash is Sunday with Arsenal taking on City, but there is plenty of other fun to go around. Maybe Spurs will even win a match. TV schedule is below the jump, and if you haven’t make sure to check out the newest episode of AM 452.


Saturday, April 7
  7:00am Kilmarnock vs Celtic, FSC+, Scotland
  7:45am Sunderland vs Tottenham, ESPN2, England
  9:00am Milan vs Firentina, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
  9:00am Cagliari vs Inter, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
  9:30am Bayern Munich vs Augsburg, ESPN3, Germany
  9:30am Wolfsburg vs Dortmund, GolTV, Germany
10:00am Chelsea vs Wigan, FSC, England
10:00am Liverpool vs Aston Villa, FSC+, England
12:00pm Espanyol vs Real Socidad, ESPND, Spain La Liga
12:30pm Palermo vs Juventus, FSC+, Italy Serie A
12:30pm Stoke vs Wolves, FSC, England
  2:00pm Real Zaragoza vs Barcelona, GolTV, Spain La Liga
  3:00pm Lazio vs Napoli, FSC, Italy Serie A
  3:00pm Lyon vs Auxerre, FSC+, France
  3:00pm Columbus Crew vs NY Red Bulls, MSG, MLS
  4:00pm Sporting KC vs LA Galaxy, ESPN, MLS
  4:10pm Boca Jrs vs Argentinos Jrs, GolTV, Argentina
  8:00pm Irapuato vs Pumas, GolTV, Mexico
Sunday, April 8
  6:00am Levante vs Atletico Madrid, ESPND, Spain La Liga
  7:30am Hibernian vs Motherwell, FSC+, Scotland
  8:30am Manchester United,  vs QPR, FSC, England
  9:30am Schalke 04 vs Hannover 96, ESPND, Germany
11:00am Arsenal vs Manchester City, FSC, England
12:00pm Athletico Bilbao vs Sevilla, GolTV, Spain La Liga
  3:00pm PSG vs Marseille, FSC, France
  3:00pm Guarani vs Palmeiras, GolTV, Brazil
  3:30pm Real Madrid vs Valencia, ESPN2, Spain La Liga
Monday, April 9
10:00am Everton vs Sunderland, ESPN3, England
10:00am Newcastle vs Bolton, FSC, England
10:00am Tottenham vs Norwich, ESPND, ESPN3, England
10:00am Bristol vs Coventry, FSC+, England Champ
12:20pm West Ham vs Birmingham, FSC+, England Champ
12:30pm Aston Villa vs Stoke, FSC, England
  3:00pm Fulham vs Chelsea, ESPN2, England

9 responses to “A View From Row Z: Easter Edition

  1. I hope Dempsey remains in beast mode until after the world cup. He’s now got 15 goals in the premier league. Does he move to a bigger club next year? He seems to fit in so well at Fulham I’d hate to see him switch only to be an Andy Carrol

  2. Congrats to Deuce!
    Really hoping for a big SKC win over LA today. No Becks, LD may make his return from injury. Still, no excuses for LA. Depends on the outcome today, but if SKC win big, I’d say the tuning out of Bwoose Aweena is in full effect.

  3. Just finished watching the Spurs game. What an excruciating 90 minutes. Horrible, horrible football on both sides.

  4. Chris Herd scored an absolute cracker, and then Eck pulled back on the reins. Blergh.

  5. I have to say, this weekend has seen some of the worst refereeing ever. Even worse than that Spurs-Stoke shambles a few months ago. Multiple games with major title and UCL implications decided by blatantly missed offsides calls.

  6. I’d be happy just have Good Friday off. Also COYB! 4-0 over Sunderland with the ‘B’ squad

  7. @BG – Because some time a long time ago, the terrorists/lamestream media/lilberals won their “War on Easter.” *wink, wink* It’s probably best we never got it as a holiday, just so we don’t have to hear the wingnuts on Fox News bemoan the “War on” it just because someone might want to be productive.
    That said, if it were a national holiday, I’d be on that like Nasri on cake or Balotelli’s studs on shins.

  8. Also, for full-disclosure, I self-identify as both Christian & fiscally conservative, so that I am ranting against them ought to tell you just how ridiculous are Fox & their culture-warrior ilk.

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