Inter Soap Opera Gets Desperate

Massimo... PERCHE?!

F.C. Internazionale Milano have had quite the roller coaster season.

They have been extremely inconsistent but have had enough decent peaks to make the falls that much more compelling.

But airtime is hard to fill. Like on any daily soap, the same old thing in football starts to get boring.

And with Inter going trough an abysmal stretch that has seen them dumped from the Champions League and winless in 10 consecutive Serie A matches, even people like me who love to watch the Nerazzurri suffer were starting to lose interest.

However, it’s just not like this organization to go quietly into the sunset.

So what does any good drama do when it needs to freshen up?

Two go-to options are killing off a major character or bringing an old antagonist back into the mix.

This week at Inter, they decided to try both.

That’s right, Inter made the record-breaking 19th managerial change in Serie A this year by dispatching Claudio Ranieri, their second coach of the season.

All this after Massimo Moratti claimed the Tinkerman would remain at the club.

OK, so it wasn’t the most resounding vote of confidence, but it highlights the frivolity these situations are often dealt with in Italy.

Into his place steps youth team manager Andrea Stramaccioni, who just this weekend led the Inter Primavera squad to European glory by winning the inaugural NextGen series (U-19).

Stramaccioni is a relative unknown and his appointment, while actually fairly sensible and popular among fans, surely couldn’t get the press the Inter administration hope for.

That is, unless Mario Balotelli shows up.

Of course. Why not?

Mario Balotelli showed up in the middle of the new gaffer’s introductory press conference, casually strolled to the stage, shook each panelists hand, and promptly walked away.

Inter brass claim the visit was totally unexpected.

Super Mario has been quiet in England lately, but it’s no surprise whenever he makes headlines. And in a way, isn’t every press conference about him?

While I highly doubt Balotelli ever returns to the main cast at Inter, bringing back a popular former starlet for attention?

Shrewd move Nerazzurri. Very shrewd move.


One response to “Inter Soap Opera Gets Desperate

  1. Haha! That is epic hilarity. Oh Mario…

    Also, no serious coach should ever want to manage in Italy anymore. They’re basically the English monarchs of soccer managers – just there as ceremonial figureheads. Except they get scapegoated when anything goes poorly.

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