King Kenny’s Korner – Feeling better about the USMNT

Ooch, so it looks like you yanks have had a wee bit a bother with your national team.

Listen to Kenny. What could possibly go wrong?

Things might seem dark, but don’t fret lads. With Kenny, you’ll never walk alone.

So you lost to some teams you shouldn’t. I dinnae know why you’re so upset. This kind of thing happens every day. Its times like this when you’ve got to focus on the things that really matter.

Like you’ve got some brilliant new kits. Look at ’em.

Nike wants to make our kits! That's LIKE a trophy!

Blimey they’re some good looking kits. I’d say getting to wear something that brilliant is worth crashing out of a cup competition or two, innit?

Look mate, I understand this isn’t easy. You’ve crashed out of a competition you really should have cruised through. You thought you could do a job at the Olympics in London. And you don’t even have a shirt sponsorship, the pinnacle of modern sports achievement, to rest your hat on.

But in times of crisis, in times of sadness, its important to keep your head up. We’ve become extremely good at this at Liverpool over the past year. Focus on the positives, focus on the good times. For instance, you made a black bloke cry.

Well, at least we know Luis Suarez enjoyed watching this game.

That always cheers us up at Anfield.


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