So there were some games yesterday?

Some English teams played yesterday? Is that a fact? And it lead to some changes in the league table?

Go on.

Arsenal’s in what place? Tottenham’s where in the table?

Whatcha gonna do, brother? WHATCHA GONNA DO!? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

Sorry. I didn’t catch that.

What’s that? Sorry, still didn’t catch it. Oh, is it that time already?

Look I’d love to stay and chat, but I’m supposed to look at some pictures of Karen Gillan and get super drunk to erase any knowledge I may or may not have about the games played yesterday. I’m sure whatever table positions you wanted to talk about can wait and we can talk about it later. Much later. Like the thirty second of Marchtember.

Gotta go!

I know that feel, Karen. I know that feel.


One response to “So there were some games yesterday?

  1. Much as I’d like to crow, there’s 9 matchdays left in the season. Nearly a quarter of the season. Far too early for that. If a 10 point lead can disappear in 7 games, then a 1 point (or 6 or 8) lead can surely change in the remaining 9.

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