The View From Row Z: Midweek Footie Bloat

Charlie and Bobby, in happier times.

There’s a lot of soccer on display this afternoon, including domestic leagues, domestic cups, continental cups, and even some crappy international friendlies. Plenty of variety for soccerphiles of every kind.

Most eyeballs will be glued to the action at Etihad Stadium when Chelsea take on Man City and we all become pensioners for a couple hours (or not, it depends). For Chelsea, de facto player-manager John Terry will be much less of a player and much more of a (behind the scenes) manager, and we all get to see if Fernando Torres really got his groove back, or if he only scores against NPowership sides. On the other side, multiple TV cameras will be glued to the Citeh bench to see if Mancini calls on Tevez in the second half. I have a theory about the precise circumstances under which Fun Bobby will call upon “Carlo”. It goes like this:

-If City are in the lead, Tevez stays on the bench so Mancini can take full credit for the win.
-If City are tied, Tevez stays on the bench so he can’t score the winner, hog all the glory, and spawn countless columns about how he was exactly what Mancini has been missing all along.
-If City are hopelessly behind, Mancini taps Carlitos’ shoulder to test his loyalty once more and sends him on.

Beyond Eastlands, we’ve got three other tasty Prem matchups, some potentially interesting La Liga ties not featuring Messi the Great, a pinch of Coupe de France, a dash of Coppa Italia, and much more. Carefully curated list (with TV channels!) after the jump.

(all times Eastern, as usual)
English Premier League
3:45 Manchester City v. Chelsea (ESPN2, ESPN3)
3:45 Tottenham Hotspur v. Stoke City (FSCD)
4:00 Everton v. Arsenal (FSC)
4:00 Queens Park Rangers v. Liverpool (FS+)

La Liga
3:00 Atlético Madrid v. Athletic Bilbao (ESPND)
5:00 Villarreal v. Real Madrid (GolTV)

Coppa Italia
3:45 Napoli v. Siena (ESPN3)

Coupe de France
3:50 Paris Saint-Germain v. Lyon (ESPN3)

International Friendly
8:00 Chile v. Peru
9:00 Jamaica v. Costa Rica

Copa Libertadores
6:45 The Strongest v. Internacional
9:00 Vasco da Gama v. Libertad
9:00 Corinthians v. Cruz Azul (FSCD)


53 responses to “The View From Row Z: Midweek Footie Bloat

  1. Did you guys change your log-in requirements?

    Anyway, my comment:
    Here’s hoping City destroys Chelski. Tevez 5, Torres 0.

  2. When you try to post does it say that your email account is associated with a WordPress or account?

  3. So WordPress is gay. Anyone who has a gravatar or WordPress account is going to have to login to post comments on the site. To login just click the W below the comments and enter your information. WordPress and Gravatar accounts are the same, so for either one click the W to login

  4. Yeah, that’s what I’m getting. I tried to login with Gravatar, but it wouldn’t let me.

  5. @Steve, did the gravatar login now work with the wordpress button below the comments?

  6. No, I don’t think so. I ended up just using an email that isn’t associated with WordPress or Gravatar.

  7. Sorry for the headaches. (I may be doing it wrong, but I just tried Gravatar again and it didn’t seem to work)

  8. No problem, you are using your Gravatar login information in the WP login fields right? You aren’t trying to login to and then coming back here

  9. Great start for the Arsenal!
    I noticed the log in thing a couple days back; super annoying. Fair warning to anyone who tries to click through to my WordPress “blog:” it was only used for about 2 weeks last fall and was my first blog attempt. It wasn’t very good.

  10. Wow, bad linesman tonight. Benefitting Arsenal for now, but I’m sure the karma will come back to bite Arsenal in the ass. Either (a) late in the game, after it’s been 1-1 and we score a winner, only to be wrongly ruled offside or (b) in some other game this year where it’ll cost us points.

  11. Yeah, Drenthe was a good 4 yards onside. Really really bad call. And Everton have had two more good chances pulled back for wrong offsides since then. This linesman needs to lose his job.

  12. Hate to say it, but Bale is having another poor, poor game. Bad decisions all over the pitch.

  13. Which is even worse than bad decisions all down the left side of the pitch. Keep it simple, Gareth!

  14. Why is there no Arsenal MBM on the Guardian? I’m at at Chili’s in Youngstown, Ohio watching the Chelsea-Man City game and following a shitty Soccernet gamecast in my phone.

  15. Why is there no Arsenal MBM on the Guardian? I’m at a Chili’s in Youngstown, Ohio watching the Chelsea-Man City match an following Arsenal on a shitty Soccernet gamecast.

  16. Yeah, your comments are fucked up. And I’m getting there but that duplicate wasn’t my fault.

  17. Stoke scores off set piece. At some point, Harry, out-playing your opponent can’t be good enough. You have to get wins. This shit just doesn’t cut it at the “top”.

  18. Tottenham has had 11 corners. Nothing even coming close to scoring. Just terrible finishing. Bale has been selfish all night. Just clogging the middle looking for the glory.

  19. Arsenal fortunate so far to still be up 1-0, but as I mentioned earlier, when refs are shit, they’re shit all around. Rosicky was denied a clear penalty about 10 mins ago. Evens out some of the offsides calls against Everton.

  20. I fucking hate soccer. I don’t know if I can keep watching this team. I feel physically ill right now.

  21. @Lorb – it’s been soooooo bad. As a guy on BBC texted, to not finish in the top four from where Spurs were is….unforgivable.
    I just don’t understand why they’ve gotten away from the things they were doing so well earlier in the season. This free-role Bale is an absolute disaster. It takes Modric and VdV out of the game, and makes the team so narrow. I understand massaging his ego so he’ll stay, but he’s not going to stay if he’s not in the CL. Neither is Modric or VdV.

  22. City does take the lead at least. Thank god. Spurs have to focus on holding off Chelsea now.

  23. Sorry, Goat. Their general live commentary is better/more entertaining. Don’t usually follow the particular game commentaries.

  24. I love Rafa Van der Vaart. Love him to death. Doesn’t excuse the team’s performance, but he’s been their best player tonight. Saves our bacon, sorta. 1-1.

  25. @Goat – don’t like Nasri either (mercenary), but that goal was clutch for Arsenal. Keeps Chelsea stuck further back. We need to find a way to hold on now. A win vaults us to 3rd. A tie keeps us 2 back of Spurs.

  26. @KCG: I agree–I like that Chelsea lost. I just wish that Nasri remained on the bench and still somehow broke his leg.

  27. @Lorber – I know it’s been rough for Spurs lately, but Stoke is just the kind of team that annoys the shit out of big opponents and takes a point off most of them. Not too bad to draw with them, even if you do have more talent. I think Spurs should want Harry to take the England job. Seems to me you need a tactician in there to use all the talent effectively, not just tell them to run around blindly and do whatever they want. The lack of discipline and organization seems to me to be what is costing them right now. Plus what you guys mentioned about being too narrow w/ Bale roaming around.

  28. And Liverpool gave up 2 goals in the last 6 minutes to lose to QPR. Ouch. Perhaps Kenny would like to rephrase his comment about points and wins not being the best measure of improvement?

  29. Hey guys! Just put the gun down. F*** you, QPR.
    Liverpool is going to have to buy some good players this summer. Can I interest anyone in a Jordan Henderson? He’s still young, and bound to be Captain of England one day, as soon as he brushes up on his racism etiquette.
    How about a Charlie Adam? Remember, he’s “talismanic!” You can also pay him in pies. I’m not kidding. Obviously, Blackburn is out, since their pie budget is tied up with the Yak, but we’d be willing to hear some offers.
    OH AND DO WE HAVE THE STRIKERS FOR YOU! You can have one, but not both- nifty little Urug chap, respectful of his teammates and referees, and always willing to lay the ball off to a pal on a hat trick. Plus, he comes in handy if you’ve got some chomping to do. Tired of your ear? He’ll take care of it!
    Doesn’t float your boat? How about this! A cro-magnon, freshly unfrozen from the best ice bars in Newcastle! He’s super tall, but he can only flick it on. And, as Bobby Mac says, he’s got quite a bit of pace [once he gets going]! The good news is that he’s priced to go-go-go!

    I’ll be waiting for your offers. In the meantime, I’ll be speaking with Seydou Keita’s agent.

  30. Cool, I can comment again. Nothing to say, other than “How ’bout them Rovers, bitches?” Two straight wins, two straight clean sheets, 10 out of a possible last 15 points, and Hoilett and Yak scoring for fun.

    Its almost enough to make me forget that we’ve got like 4 players we won’t play because of contract clauses we can’t afford, Hoilett’s as good as gone for free this summer, and we’re still owned by chicken farmers who didn’t know we could get relegated…almost.

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