The Halftime Pint: Cain’s Dark Mild


One of the greater things about watching football in America is that most matches, especially those of the EPL, are early in the morning American time, giving people an excuse to daydrink. This is part of our series discussing exactly what to drink when you’re at the pub, presented by our resident homebrewer, Keith.

The Beer:Cain’s Dark Mild, Robert Cain Brewery, Liverpool, England

What you need to know:Mild is kind of a secret handshake among craft brewers and homebrewers these days, as its low alcohol content and light touch of hops leave very little room for the brewer to hide. But back before the wars, according to the Oxford Companion of Beer, mild was the top selling ale in Britain, “accounting for almost three-quarters of all beer brewed in Britain.” Of course, at the time, mild was a much stronger style. But wartime grain rationing saw brewers cut their milds down quite a bit, and it eventually leveled out at the 3-4 percent style we know it as today.

Cain’s Brewery is located in Liverpool, a stones throw from the wharves and quays. The brewery was founded in 1858 by Robert Cain, who would go on to own over 200 pubs in England.

So, about this beer:Pours a deep, dark brown, with a light beige head. The prevailing aromas are roast and a bit of hop grassiness. Roast chocolatey flavors almost immediately succumb to hop bitterness. Mouthfeel is quite thin.

The verdict:This is a perfectly acceptable choice to drink all day, and you can do it, too, thanks to the low alcohol content (at 3.2%, it’s even lower in alcohol than most crappy light beers). But there are many much better brown ales out there.


One response to “The Halftime Pint: Cain’s Dark Mild

  1. Sometimes mild is just the right brew. It does sound like a good easy drinking beer. Enjoy!


    David Ivey
    Black Bucket Brew Inbox Magazine Editor

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