Today in Geography Failures

With APOEL fever sweeping the globe following their 2-2 (4-3 pen.) two-legged victory over Olympique Lyon, every news outlet in the world wants a piece of the Cypriot champions.  So it’s no surprise that CNN plumped for an interview with the Nicosian side’s Portuguese midfielder, Nuno Morais.  Since the interview was only a phone interview, the global cable giant prepared a photo of Morais, and inset it over a map of Nicosia’s location, the better to educate both their loyal viewers and travelling businessmen who have the news on while they wait for their “room service.”

You would think, in both an election and Olympic year, with CNN prepared to do a lot of map-based reporting, that they would have better prepared this map, in hopes of making sure that their medal count maps and swipeable electoral college maps would be up to par.  If what is below the jump is any guide, however, Wolf Blitzer stands to do a bunch of over correcting come November:

Palermo and Catania supporters will be most displeased to find that their island has been taken over AGAIN. (credit:CNN, via Cypriot sports reporter Nassos Stylianou - @nassos_)


And yet, CNN wonders why it has slipped so far down the cable news race.  By the way, here’s where Nicosia is actually located:

Not remotely Sicily. (credit:




3 responses to “Today in Geography Failures

  1. Love geography; hate ignorance on geography. Especially from a source like CNN. I’m sure the folks in between Catania & Palermo were chuckling to think they might be split between the Greeks & Turks.

  2. There’s a True Romance joke in here somewhere, but I’m too tired to find it.

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