The View From Row Z: Barsa Always Wins

Downtown Stevenage.

We’ve got more continental cup competition to watch today, and it’s not limited to Europe this time! Besides the UEFA Champions League, there’s also the totally-not-lame CONCACAF Champions League and South America’s Champions League, the Copa Libertadores. And some potentially interesting matches, too.

Let’s get Europe out of the way first. Apoel v. Nicosia is a total snoozer. I do not care who wins, but I suppose Apoel is the underdog so let’s pull for them while simultaneously not watching the game at all. Then there’s Barcelona hosting Bayer Leverkusen. Barcelona beat them 3-1 on the road, and I’m not expecting the Germans to mount a Wengeresque near comeback at the Nou Camp. Both matches can be found somewhere on the Fox Soccer universe.

Moving right along to North America, we’ve got some early CONCACAF CL matches. There’s Toronto FC v. LA Galaxy at 8 p.m. and Seattle Sounders v. Santos (the Mexican Santos, 😦 no Neymar here) at 10. Both matches on FSC. This is the perfect opportunity for Lorber to start auditioning an MLS club, though I suspect he will be less than impressed. I’ve never seen a riveting early CONCACAF CL match, and I suspect the MLS sides especially will treat them sort of like pre-season friendlies.

Finally, there’s a couple good Copa Libertadores matches tonight. The Brazilian Santos (with Neymar yay) take on fellow Brazilians Internacional at 5:45, and Vélez simultaneously takes on Deportivo Quito. The match of the night will be Boca Juniors v. Fluminense at 8 in La Bombonera (Fox Deportes). Did you know that Deco is still alive and playing soccer for Fluminense? I had no idea. If you watch this, let me know if he’s still crap.

Oh and Spurs are playing Stevenage in the FA Cup right now.


12 responses to “The View From Row Z: Barsa Always Wins

  1. Somebody said something about this on the podcast. About how they need to get it together today and Saturday or they might as well give up on the CL spot. Don’t remember who…

  2. Oh, and Messi dropped a nickel on Bayer Leverkusen. Five effing goals. Barcelona won 10-2 on agg.

  3. Somehow, despite watching yesterday, I completely forgot about today’s games (even Spurs’). Damn, I wish I’d seen that APOEL game.

  4. 3 cheers for Messi & Apoel. Not a good day for Ligue 1. Though, in fairness, Lyon are in 7th place. It’s not like they’re the best of the Championnat this year. Even their Rhone rivals from St. Etienne are ahead of them in the table.
    Note: I’m no OL fan (I lean Bordeaux), but the sign by OL to ASSE a few years back that said “Our fathers invented cinema while yours were dying in the mines” has to be one of the harshest, and most quintessentially French, fan group burns of all time.

  5. United cannot get knocked out of the Europa League fast enough for me. Forfeit for all I care. I don’t even care if City win this shit trophy, but I’ll be dead before I accept them winning the league over us, and this is just a distraction/way to get injured.

  6. I just can’t believe I haven’t seen a single “Athletic Bilb-WOW!” headline today. Get your shit together, English press.

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