AM 452: And Then There Were 2

Back once again is the award winning (at least in our mind) AM 452 Podcast. Today I was joined by Skipjack, Lorber, and MP joined in late. We discussed a few of the weekend matches including Arsenal – Liverpool, Newcastle – Sunderland, and the Spurs loss to United. Chelsea also made another appearance as we discussed the many different managerial candidates, and somehow started talking about SAF’s retirement. Oh and don’t worry, we made a little fun of Arsenal as well. We finished things off by talking about OOSSAA and this weekends Everton – Spurs match. As always you can listen to us below, or add our RSS feed to your reader. If you want to be real spiffy remember to subscribe to us on iTunes, and you can download AM 452 for your leisurely perusal.

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Why yes, I will be back soon


2 responses to “AM 452: And Then There Were 2

  1. It seems to take up to a day to show up on iTunes, I published the audio file last night, so it should be up this evening, stupid Apple

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