Park Ji-Sung, Frog Killer?

As I’m uploading this, I see that Brooks posted it at Dirty Tackle a few hours ago. I promise I didn’t steal it – my brother sent me the Daily Mail link this morning.


No not these frogs, they killed themselves. Or Raymond Domenech killed them, depending on whom you choose to believe.

It’s been well-documented that Park Ji-Sung attributes his Energizer Bunny-level of energy to the fact that his father fed him a “juice” made of boiled frogs as a teenager. I was unable to find any scientific evidence as to whether or not frog juice has a positive effect on the human body, probably because no one has ever volunteered to drink boiled frogs as part of an experiment. I can, however, confirm that Koreans are insane, as they’ve proven with their collective reaction to Park’s comments.

It seems that in the five years since Park’s autobiography was released, so many people have taken to drinking boiled frogs that it is actually effecting frog populations in the Koreas. Park Wan-Hee (any relation?), the head of Korean advocacy group “Frog Friends”, says:

I do not know if it is just coincidence but after it was revealed… that Park eats frogs as a means to boost his strength, the number of cases of illegal poaching of frogs and toads residing in mountains has increased.

First of all – and once again I have no facts to support this – I am 1000% sure that this is NOT a coincidence. The Manchester United man is still the most popular Asian footballer, and Koreans are known for their questionable eating habits.

Secondly, I’ve heard of restaurants that have frog on the menu, but I’ve never even considered the fact that someone might actually order it. If anyone has ever eaten frog before, please share your story in the comments. If you’ve ever drunk a boiled frog, kindly stop what you’re doing and re-evaluate your life choices.

I had a pretty good laugh when I searched for “boiled frog”, found this, and pictured a bunch of people repeatedly attempting to boil a frog, tossing it into the pot, and wondering why it wouldn’t sit still. I am easily amused.

Wan-Hee continues:

If Park joins our campaign to stop the practice, it would correct people’s misperceptions about eating frogs, believing it will raise their stamina.

Personally, I think Frog Friends is putting Park in an unfairly difficult position. Does he choose hypocrisy? Or does he condemn thousands (millions?) of frogs to death-by-boiling on stovetops above and below the 38th parallel? The world awaits his decision…


Not an advisable costume if you happen to be spending Halloween in Korea.


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