A View From Row Z: Wake Up and Smell the Football

Breakfast of champions, or breakfast of Andy Carroll?

You’ve gotta get up early to catch the big clashes this weekend.

Liverpool and Arsenal are under way at Anfield in the fine English weather and Bayern Munich are still sniffing at top spot in Germany, taking on Leverkusen at 9:30.

And if you hear bombs going off tomorrow, don’t worry, it’s not World War III.

It’s just the Rome Derby. Guaranteed to be a Serie A match that won’t put you back to sleep.

And for the West Coasters, Sunday morning also sees a chastened Spurs side welcome SAF’s Manchester United.

The North Londoners trouncing last week could cause trouble for their visitors who must continue to keep pace with their city rivals, who coincidentally take on a dour Bolton side early today.

I just wish Swansea were in action. I’ve been holding onto an early bird gets the Vorm joke all season.

Full fixture list after the jump.

Saturday, March 3
  7:45am Liverpool vs Arsenal, ESPN2, ESPN3, EPL
  9:30am Bayern Munich vs Bayer Leverkusen, GolTV, Gerrmany
  9:30am Hertha BSC vs Werder Bremen, ESPND, Germany
10:00am Manchester City vs Bolton, FSC, EPL
10:00am West Brom vs Chelsea, FSC+, EPL
12:00pm Palermo vs Milan, FSC, Italy Serie A
12:00pm Mallorca vs Osasuna, GolTV, Spain La Liga
12:20pm Leeds vs Southampton, FSC+, England Champion
12:30pm Dortmund vs Mainz 05, ESPND, Germany
  2:00pm Barcelona vs Sporting Gijon, GolTV, Spain La Liga
  2:45pm Juventus vs Chievo, FSC, Italy Serie A
  4:00pm Sevilla vs Athletico Madrid, GolTV, Spain La Liga

Sunday, March 4
  6:30am Parma vs Napoli, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
  7:00am Newcastle vs Sunderland, FSC+, EPL
  9:00am Roma vs Lazio, FSC, Italy Serie A
  9:05am Fulham vs Wolves, FSC+, EPL
10:00am Bilbao vs Real Sociedad, ESPND, Spain La Liga
10:30am PSV vs Twente, ESPN3, Netherlands
11:00am Tottenham vs Manchester United, FSC, EPL
11:30am Hoffenheim vs Koln, GolTV, Germany
12:00pm Valencia vs Grenada, ESPND, Spain La Liga
    2:45pm Inter vs Catania, FSC, Italy Serie A
  3:00pm Lorient vs Stade Rennes, FSC+, France
  3:00pm San Lorenzo vs Boca Juniors, GolTV, Argentina
  3:30pm Real Madrid vs Espanyol, ESPND, Spain La Liga


60 responses to “A View From Row Z: Wake Up and Smell the Football

  1. Dammit Liverpool. I know I make fun of you all the time but come on. Score a fucking penalty

  2. Luis Suarez may have the most punchable face in the world. Every time I see him I want to hit him.

  3. Matchcast suggests, he turned his head into an oncoming Henderson:

    “Replays of the collision show that is was a purely accidental collision. Arteta blindly turned into Henderson as the Liverpool man was running past him”

  4. Why all the hate for the English breakfast. I think it looks awesome and I’m a vegetarian. Maybe I’m just in a good mood for some reason. Also, I want to have RvP’s babies.

  5. Mildly annoyed that fantasy EPL listed RVP as “Doubtful – 75% chance of playing” so I set Silva as my captain, and he’s on the bench.

  6. Thanks Liverpool and Chelsea for shitting the bed. I guess nobody’s gonna do us any favors. Need to grab a win tomorrow

  7. Independiente down 1-0 at home, game stopped after 30 min due to problems with stadium lighting. I’d make a snide patronizing remark about South America, but then the Niners couldn’t keep the lights on at Candlestick last season one night.

  8. Also, listening to the argentine radio broadcast of this game on my phone is more fun than I imagined.

  9. So much fucking bullshit. United had the ball for all of 2 minutes that half, and that bullshit happens. That’s the difference between a title challenge and playing for fourth. I wish Spurs could make the jump.

  10. So nice of Spurs to throw United a farewell party as they embark on a 7 week tour of the Blighted Half of the Prem.

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