Fernando Torres’ Livejournal Entry #295 – The world is an open net and my life is in row Z

My DeviantArt fans are the only ones who still care about me

Song: “How could this happen to me?” – Simple Plan
Mood: Staring wistfully into the open net of life

Chance. Think about how we regard that simple word. It sounds so positive. So hopeful. However, if we’re being honest, it represents something different: another opportunity for an uncaring world to crush your hopes and dreams.

Written after being subbed for Drogba. Again.

Everyday is made up of countless opportunities. When we think of the possibilities before us, we think of what could be. We think of that pretty girl smiling at us in the convenience store and how she could be the love of our life. We think that the lottery ticket could make us millionaires. We think that this is the job interview that will change our lives. But these are lies that we tell ourselves to get through another painful 24 hours of disappointment and heartbreak.

We try to think things are looking up or getting better. Sure things have been tough, but we’ve just juked the keeper. And there’s nothing between us and an empty net, but as we connect with the ball, it soars above the goal as our hopes and dreams crash into the earth below.

We think that our amazing shot is bound for the back of the net, but instead it bounds off the crossbar and we can only helplessly watch our future goes up in smoke when it rebounds to a fat Englishman to put away for the glory that should have been ours.

Our days are full of chances. But these are not to be relished. They are to be feared and avoided. For they are the chance to go another 90 minutes without a goal, the chance to fail to live up to the hype, the chance to get dropped from your national team.

Every chance is another opportunity for us to be left sitting alone in the grass, head in our hands, while everyone else celebrates, leaving us alone. I try to soldier on, but I know that each day only brings new disappointment. All of these chances, and we only have one thing that does not bring us sorrow, one thing that doesn’t leave us alone, one thing we can control – our silly, silly haircuts.


3 responses to “Fernando Torres’ Livejournal Entry #295 – The world is an open net and my life is in row Z

  1. This is awesome man. Not only did you make me laugh, you made me shiver at the thought of my high school live journal from 10 years ago.

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