AM 452: Kate Upton Edition

Another week and another episode of AM 452 is here for your listening pleasure. We had a small crew tonight, it was just myself, Lorber, and Skipjack, but we made sure to talk about Arsenal’s glorious victory, the upcoming US friendly, the shenanigans around Milan’s draw with Juventus, and a lot about Kate Upton. As always you can listen to the podcast below, subscribe to the RSS feed, or go to iTunes and search AM 452. Let us know what you think and enjoy.

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2 responses to “AM 452: Kate Upton Edition

  1. I just got around to listening. First, I agree with you about Arsenal’s reaction to the win. I mean, making a commemorative DVD to celebrate just seems amateurish. It’s like one of those gold-plated eagle statues perched on top of an American flag you see advertised in Parade magazine. Seriously, act like you’ve been there before. Oh, wait. That was Spurs. Second, a tepid “fuck you” directed my way after the fact at the end of the pod hardly counts as incorporating a Gooner’s perspective. We demand representation! Occupy Four Five Two!

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