A View From Row Z: Carling Cup Edition

It is Carling Cup time here at a View From Row Z. For those of you joining us today, make sure to keep a close eye out for errant Craig Bellamy shots. There is also something about a derby match? not really sure what that is all about, but I imagine there will be a few delusional fans joining us today. Don’t forget to watch Stoke v. Swansea, it will either be amazing or excruciating, nothing in between.

Gerrard will never be more proud when he lifts this trophy

6:30am Ajax vs Excelsior, ESPN3, Netherlands
8:30am Arsenal vs Tottenham, FSC, EPL
8:30am Norwich vs Manchester United, FSC+, EPL
8:30am PSV vs Feyenoord, ESPN3, Netherlands
10:00am Real Madrid vs Vallecano, ESPND, Spain La Liga
10:00am Stoke vs Swansea, FSC+, EPL
11:00am Liverpool vs Cardiff, FSC, England Carling Cup
12:00pm Valencia vs Sevilla, ESPND, Spain La Liga
12:00pm Real Sociedad vs Mallorca, GolTV, Spain La Liga
1:00pm Morelia vs Cruz Azul, FSCD, Mexico
2:45pm Lazio vs Fiorentina, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
2:45pm Napoli vs Inter, FSC, Italy Serie A
3:00pm Stade Rennes vs Lille, FSC+, France
3:30pm Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid, GolTV, Spain La Liga
5:00pm Guadalajara vs Santos, Telemundo, Mexico
5:10pm Boca Juniors vs Newell’s Old Boys, GolTV, Argentina
7:30pm Desamparados vs River Plate, GolTV, Uruguay


22 responses to “A View From Row Z: Carling Cup Edition

  1. You may have won this round, Arsenal. But. Mind. The. Motherfucking. Gap.

    @MP: Who needs Parker? We have Sandro the Destroyer

  2. That was amazing!!! Loved seeing the away section empty out early. Sp*rs fans can send me their rent by the first of the month since we own North London. Class is permanent.

  3. Really bro? We each won one game, and Spurs are seven points ahead in the table. I mean I get where you’re coming from. This game is a big deal when there’s no silverware left that you can win.

  4. Well done to Arsenal, they outplayed Spurs the entire game (even before the comeback). I still have no idea what “class is permanent” means or is supposed to indicate. (but perhaps that’s because I’m a Spuds supporter…?)

  5. Alright, alright. Perhaps I got a little carried away. The euphoria of seeing my two favorite teams stage epic comebacks this weekend I think went to my head (also a big KU fan). I’m sorry for being an arrogant prick earlier. Sp*rs guys, you can rightly point to the table and there’s no denying you’ve had a great season so far. Cheers, and Arsenal will have to wait for next year to try to beat you guys in the table.

  6. KC Gunner,

    Don’t back down from Lorber! Celebrate man we scored five goals in 28 minutes! We do own North London! Take that rent check sir! You’re not an arrogant prick, you are just a happy Gooner…

  7. It was a glorious day. However, I value too highly the wit & banter from this site to let my momentary prickish gloating get in the way. Arsenal will always be my team, but in the end, we’re all kinda on the same side here, enjoying football and the chance to discuss the game with fellow malcontents & amateur comedians. I stand by my apology for gloating because Lorber was right: we split the season and Sp*rs are 7 pts clear in the table. So fair play to them, but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the fruits of yesterday – they are many and delicious.

  8. You are entitled to all the prickish gloating you want. We were ass yesterday and you slaughtered us. A derby win us a derby win. Enjoy it while you can

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