Route One Football:

Got a short Route One for you this week, seems like things are boring without accusations of racism, national team managers quitting, or good old fashion controversy. Here are a few links to help you get through today, and AM 452 will be up tomorrow with our 3rd podcast, and my bet is it will be interesting.

The Short Fuse has another look at the shortcomings of Wenger. This is one of several articles on the site recently, so you may want to check all of them out.

Gooch is injured once again. After such a good season, it is a shame that he has to be sidelined with this injury. The good news is that he should be back in 2 months and may be able to play a role in this summer’s matches.

The Shin guardian got a chance to sit down with Garth Lagerway from Real Salt Lake. If you’ve ever wanted to find out about how a front office puts together a team, this is your chance.

Here are some Polish fans who decided to throw snowballs rather than fireworks. The best part is that it was synchronized up to a chant.

Dirty Tackle gives some drawings and information about Thierry Henry’s planned mansion. The biggest

Chiesa Di Tottie is a new SB nation blog that covers all things Roma. For those of you who are interested in some Serie A news beyond what we cover, go check them out.

SoccerLens talks about the player power that exists in Chelsea’s dressing room. My guess is a finish outside the Top4 means heads will roll, and it may not be AVB’s.

Marina Rodrigues is your WAG of the Week. She dated Christiano Ronaldo a few years ago, and it is yet another reason why you should hate the pain in the ass.

I wonder if Portugal has some nude beaches


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