The Halftime Pint: DC Brau Penn Quarter Porter


One of the greater things about watching football in America is that most matches, especially those of the EPL, are early in the morning American time, giving people an excuse to daydrink. This is part of our series discussing exactly what to drink when you’re at the pub, presented by our resident homebrewer, Keith.

The beer: Penn Quarter Porter, DC Brau, Washington, DC

The pub: Churchkey, 14th Street and Rhode Island Avenue NW, DC

What you need to know: Porter is another British invention. It gets its name from it’s popularity with river porters in London during its inception.

Porter was originally a “beertail;” it was a combination of the three styles available at the time: ale, beer and two penny. In the mid 18th century, brewers started mimicking the “entire,” as it was called, and brewing a ready-to-drink version (prior to that, all beers had to be aged at the pub before they were tapped).

DC Brau opened it doors in 2011; it was the first of the new wave of district-based breweries to distribute to pubs.

So, About this beer: This is a very nice representation of the style. It pours a deep brown, with a low, light brown head. There’s a fair amount of roast in the aroma, almost like a fresh cup of coffee. Mouthfeel is middleweight; there’s some body, but it’s not a beer you chew. Flavor starts sweet and chocolately, with a grassy hop finish.

Verdict: This is, to me, one of the best commercially available representations of a porter there is. If you’re in DC and you see this, get it, especially as it disappeared for a while after its first run.


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