View From Row Z: Sparse Saturday

I have no idea.

Not too many games of note today.

Chelsea are already laboring against Birmingham and all our resident Spuds are licking their chops over the possibility of a Sunderland victory over Arsenal.

I realize my beloved Milan just whipped them but something tells me there’s enough pride in the Gunners dressing room to just barely see this one through.

They still have real worries at the back and have the dynamic Sessegnon to deal with, but with other competitions slipping through their fingers Wenger must get his men up for this one. (Cue Wenger getting men up jokes)

Juventus take on a herd of Elefanti on FSC in the late game as well, otherwise you’ll be in BG territory with the rest of today’s Spanish-speaking soccer.

Full fixture list and your always insightful, never refined comments after the jump.

Saturday , February 18

7:30am Chelsea vs Birmingham City, FSC+, FA Cup
10:00am Everton vs Blackpool, FSC, FA Cup
10:00am Millwall vs Bolton, FSC+, FA Cup
12:00pm Sunderland vs Arsenal, FSC, FA Cup
12:00pm Getafe vs Espanyol, ESPND, Spain La Liga
  2:00pm Real Madrid vs Racing Santander, GolTV, La Liga
  2:45pm Juventus vs Catania, FSC, Italy Serie A
  4:00pm Sevilla vs Osasuna, ESPND, Spain La Liga
  6:00pm Cruz Azul vs Pumas UNAM, FSCD, Mexico
  8:00pm Guadalajara vs San Luis, Telemundo, Mexico


34 responses to “View From Row Z: Sparse Saturday

  1. The commentators are bitching at Arsenal about wearing headphones too much. Claims it reduces communication so they don’t understand each other as well on the pitch

  2. Drenthe’s is proof that nobody should ever go to Real Madrid.He was player of the tournament at the U-21’s, then went to Real Madrid and was absolutely horrible. He got booed by his own fans every time he took the pitch, to the point where they stopped playing him in home matches because it was getting to him so much. And now he’s at Everton and looking like a badass again.

  3. Agreed on Drenthe. Great pickup by Moyes.

    Along with Gibson and Stracqualursi, gaffer seems to know what he’s doing.

  4. Only problem with Drenthe is consistency. At Everton he can have good and bad games when he starts. Perfect as a substitute though

  5. Stoke lines up with a fairly strong team against Crawley Town. Joe’s first rule of FA Cup ties: with few exceptions, root for the underdog. So, Camon Crawley

  6. gamecast says Stoke are definitely up for it. Still have a soft spot for Stoke. They always punch above their weight and they’re the little guy that everyone hates. They are also (to me) the personification of the idea of English football.

  7. Mike Jones gives a non-penalty to Stoke, then misses an obvious handball clearance by Stoke. Great job all around.

    Also, that damn Wenger/wombat thing is going to haunt my dreams until I die…

  8. Well that was completely horrible. I don’t even think that was football. Can’t wait for the replay.

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