Entire Nation of Tunisia in an Uproar Over ACN Performance


I swear to god he was separated from Sergio Ramos at birth.

That headline is a complete lie, as the Tunisians put forth a valiant effort, finishing second in Group C to Gabon and falling in overtime to Ghana in the quarterfinals. Nothing to be ashamed of. The nation as a whole, however, should certainly be ashamed of themselves for their reaction to the February 2012 cover of GQ Germany, which comes after the jump due to its awesome content (borderline NSFW).


Nice tux.

That’s Real Madrid and German national team midfielder Sami Khedira posing with his girlfriend, Lena Gercke. The lovely Miss Gercke was the 2006 winner of Germany’s Next Top Model and is now a fixture in print campaigns and fashion shows, both in Europe and the United States. So what’s the problem?

Well apparently the footballer is a well-known figure in Tunisia, which is where his father was born. Earlier this week, the popular newspaper Attounisia picked up the GQ story and included the above image. Apparently, Miss Gercke is showing off enough assets for this to be considered an “offense to morality” in the primarily Muslim nation, and Tunisia’s public prosecutor has arrested and jailed three members of the newspaper’s staff, including the editor-in-chief and editor of the world section.

This has led to a serious outcry among the Tunisian public, which had been enjoying a period of political stability (it’s all relative) since dictator Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali was overthrown in January 2011. Since the October 2011 elections, the country has been led by the moderate Ennahda party, which has permitted certain freedoms such as the wearing of bikinis and consumption of alcohol. Apparently the extremist Salafist party has been gaining popularity in recent polls, and citizens fear that media censorship is a sign of new policies that will be implemented in order to appease the more conservative voters.

For now, can’t we all just sit back and enjoy that which Miss Gercke has so generously shared with us? No? Fine. Your loss, Tunisia.

/closes office door


2 responses to “Entire Nation of Tunisia in an Uproar Over ACN Performance

  1. I don’t get it – does the Quran ban a man from cupping his significant other’s breasts? If Sami’s hands were removed, then I could totally understand the problem.

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