AM 452: Milan is Better Edition

No, David. We said "Milan is better." Not "Girlfriend is Better"

Back despite unpopular demand, AM 452 returns for a second episode. I am joined by Skipjack, Orr,Lorber, and MP for almost an hour of nonstop soccer talk. We covered everything from last weekends games, to Champions League beatdowns, to the general suckitude of Arsenal. There is also some African Cup of Nations talk, and we even get into a few random conversations, I’m not sure what happened to be honest. As always click the link below to listen, or add our RSS feed from below. And good news, we are finally on iTunes. Just search AM 452 to get our amazing voices delivered right to your iPod.

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8 responses to “AM 452: Milan is Better Edition

  1. Well, now I can say I finally heard a Lady Antebellum (what a stupid fucking name) song. I saw them on the Grammys and the lead singer is a fox but I think that’s probably the last I’ll listen to them. Also, I just wanted to prove I made it to the end despite all the Arsenal bashing. I hate you all.

  2. @Goat: Thanks for listening. I’m sure it was brutal on your ears. But, did you expect anything less after yesterday’s shambolic performance? Especially with two Spurs fans and a ManU fan on the pod?

    We’d be happy to have you come on next week and tell us all about how Arsenal’s still great and totally going places. PROVE ME WRONG MOTHERFUCKER.

  3. Arsenal is still great as a club, but this team will be lucky to keep 4th place and probably goes out in the FA Cup Saturday. I already ranted on yesterday, so I’ll leave that alone.
    Still, I’m pretty sure Arsenal have a 13-2 lead in league titles and 10-8 in FA Cups, 15 years straight in the CL(rather than once ever) and it’s not like Sp*rs are going to overtake City or United anyway. So enjoy it while it lasts, but you’ll always be 2nd place in North London.

  4. @KC Gunnner, just remember, Peter Crouch did what no one on Arsenal could accomplish. Peter. Crouch.

  5. You guys should say each other’s names a bunch for your first couple episodes so I know who is talking. Until your listeners get it down (maybe in 5-10 shows) it’s okay to overdue it.

    The host can just throw it specifically to a person and say the name every time you start a new topic. It would help me at least!

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