Cry Me a River: Selling Rotten Fish

Cavenaghi Dominguez

"GTFO, stoopid."

A comfortable win over table footers Chacarita Juniors, when combined with another lackluster performance from Instituto, was enough to send River Plate back to the top of the Nacional B standings last weekend.

Los Millos are tied on points with Instituto and Rosario Central, but they enjoy a slim three goal advantage at the top. Quilmes is one point back of the leaders. The promotion race in Argentina is definitely heating up. Are you not entertained?!

The fact is, anything less than a win over Chacarita would have been seen as a failure that could have cost coach Almeyda his job. But with a little help from Mr. Own Goal and a sick, sick shot (see below) by 17 year old phenom Lucas “The Thing” Ocampos, Almeyda was able to keep his job for another week.

But the thing that stole all the River Plate headlines Sunday was the little “bro fight” near the end of the match between Cavenaghi and Dominguez, the team’s two stars. There’s really not a lot to say about it, but apparently Cavegol was upset with Dominguez about something, and as Dominguez was being subbed off, Cavenaghi got in his face and said something to the effect of “Get the heck outta here, stupid.” It’s actually kinda funny because of the relative modesty employed by “Little Bull”. I can think of half a dozen more insulting epithets than “stupid”.

Anyway, the two settled their differences in the locker room and it’s all water under the bridge, but the media doesn’t drop things that easily. “Sausage” Dominguez fired up his Twitter account and said, “Some people are always trying to sell rotten fish, but that’s what journalists do; we’re still united and that’s the best thing our group has.” Well said, Chori. Well said.

Your Weekly Trezeguet Update: Dahveed featured in a scrimmage for the subs against some chumps and scored a couple goals, so he may work his way into the starting lineup soon. If he starts this weekend, I predict another devastating hamstring tear, sometime in the first half an hour.

River hosts 13th place Independiente de Mendoza on Saturday, but they’ll have to wait till Monday to see how Instituto fares against 10th place Aldosivi. Rosario Central has a tough road game against La Plata Gymnastics and Fencing Club on Friday. En garde!


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