A View From Row Z: The Chaaaaampions – Arsenal Edition

Sorry we forgot about this. But here’s your View From Row Z for the Arsenal –  Meeeelan match.

Everyone wants to win it, but only Barca can lift it

2:45pm AC Milan vs Arsenal, FSC


32 responses to “A View From Row Z: The Chaaaaampions – Arsenal Edition

  1. To be fair to Arsenal, Milan’s a really tough team in Europe. I can’t imagine a North London team beating them in a two-legged knockout this early in the competition.

  2. What’s that? Milan keeps getting in behind us? Play higher! No, really, it’ll be like all that reverse psychology stuff.

  3. It’s ok. We’ll chalk our loss to Tottenham last year up to that English curse we supposedly suffer from.

    Ibra is going to straight up violate Djourou in the second half.

  4. Well, shit. Great work from Ibra and Robinho (even if Ibra was offside in the run up to #2); great strike by Boateng. Congrats, Orr. Vermaelen & Gibbs have been awful, Koscielny’s injury hurts because Djourou is terrible. Song, Rosicky, & Walcott were all bad. Tough night.

    Sp*rs fans – perhaps it’ll be your turn to be bent over by Barcelona in the group stages next year.

  5. @Goat- It’s going to be tough to go back to Sunderland and win again. In the grand scheme, the win last Sat was more important to keep hope of 4th alive. But I smell a loss on Saturday, or at least a 1-1 forcing a replay at the Emirates. And that’s not great with the injury situation.

  6. @Orr- I know you still have nightmares about Istanbul, but this Arsenal squad couldn’t wipe the butts of that Liverpool side and have looked about as threatening as a newborn kitten. There’s no chance we’re coming all the way back and very little chance we’ll even score 1. Much more likely that Milan get 1 or 2 more.

  7. “57 min: .”Isn’t Zlatan Ibrahimovic just Andy Carroll but with his feet on the right legs?”

    God, I love the Grauniad readers.

  8. Watching this game is just like watching Barca-Bayer from yesterday to me. Milan just a cut above (Arsenal) right now. No sort of crazy tactics will really consistently beat them.

  9. Meh, I’m not pleased with the performance but I don’t think the sky is falling any more than it already was. Wenger got his tactics and team wrong and Milan were incredibly ruthless finishers. I think 4-0 flatters Milan if only because they didn’t create boatloads of chances and 3 of 4 goals were directly no one’s fault. Boateng’s strike was incredible, Vermaelan slipped, and Ibra totally wasn’t fouled, unless Djourou can turn into a ghost instaneously. I think 2-0 would be fair.

    That said, Arsenal looked horrible going forward. I think the pitch bothered them a bit, but full credit goes to Milan’s defensive positioning. I’ve never seen a team get back behind the ball so quickly while still pressuring the other team’s backline. Amazing stuff.

    From here, Arsenal has to just keep going and hope for a well placed meteor.

  10. @Wac – I couldn’t disagree more. We were horrible everywhere, and if it weren’t for a few profligate misses by Milan, it could’ve easily been 6 or 7, even taking out the penno and Ibra being offside for #2. But what was so bad was Sagna stopping on that play, no one tracking back from midfield all night, no one closing down space, no one attacking the Milan players on the ball, no one going after 50-50 balls or headers in our own box, and lots of wasteful passing. It was a performance utterly devoid of quality, effort, or professionalism. If Vermaelen didn’t have so much goodwill built up he’d be run out of N5 today, so thoroughly awful and owned by Ibra was he. Ramsey never realized we were wearing yellow and found only Milan players all night. Boateng and Robinho had acres of space in between Song and the constantly-too-high fullbacks. Yet those fullbacks and the wingers were never doing anything useful like using pace and width to exploit Milan’s one main weakness – slowness with their fullbacks.
    It was really dreadful, and the lack of adjustments or desire from the squad are a scathing indictment of the players Arsene has picked and his tactics. Remember, he finally bought some experience in August precisely for nights like this. Fat lot of good that did. I’m not into calling for Wenger’s job everytime we lose, but we were so clearly not even in the same continent as Milan that I’m really quite down about it today. Sorry for the long rant.
    Also, as bad as Arsenal were, it has to be said that Milan had a great gameplan and executed it very well. Full credit to the Rossoneri for beating us like rented mules.

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