Sevilla FC Insults the French, Unintentional Irony Ensues


"I played in La Liga and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

You may have heard recently that there’s a bit of a spat between France and Spain right now. Basically, a French comedy puppet show on Canal+ is using “funny” skits (eg. this one) to insinuate that all of Spain’s recent athletic achievements are due to doping by the Iberian country’s most celebrated athletes, including Alberto Contador, Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol, and Iker Casillas. Many Spaniards took offense to being mocked by the French in puppet form and there’s been a bit of a media war going on.

The folks at Sevilla decided to do their part by putting a clever protest slogan on their shirts (see above) during yesterday’s match against Real Sociedad. The shirt reads “Liberty, equality… superiority”, a not-so subtle knock on France’s motto. BURN! Your move, France.

The awesome hipster irony happened when Sevilla lost the match, 2-0. That’s some amazing superiority you’ve got there, Sevillains ©. Let’s hope they return to their regular bland corporate sponsor next week, if they have one.


5 responses to “Sevilla FC Insults the French, Unintentional Irony Ensues

  1. @ducksworth: Ha. I never though of that. Well, Kanouté was born in France but he’s a Malian international. He came off the bench for Sevilla in the 2nd half. Julien Escudé is French but he wasn’t in the squad on Monday.

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