A Hasty Sunday View From Row Z

I’m throwing this together very last minute. Most of you will be along later for the Money City v. Aston Villa tilt. There’s also the African Cup of Nations final this afternoon. Wolves are currently in a scoreless draw with West Brom. There’s lots of other matches but I’m too lazy to spell it all out for you.


3 responses to “A Hasty Sunday View From Row Z

  1. Are teams required to wear their away Jerseys away from home? It seems like city’s home Jerseys would contrast much better with villa’s than these navy ones

  2. Now this is a proper fourth-rate boot room. WTF has happened with Wolves? I knew their recent results hadn’t been fabulous, but getting stomped in a derby? As a Rovers fan, I can only hope McCarthy’s totally lost the team, and ownership will stick with him til the end, because we need another team to take our place in the drop zone…

  3. @Lorber: not a requirement. The referee decides before the match if the kits are “different” enough, and, if not, he can require the away team to switch to a different one. I believe the teams make their own choice as to which they believe will be acceptable, but usually bring another kit in case the ref disagrees. I can think of at least one case where a team with a gray away kit (Wolves?) a few years ago had to switch at St James Park because the ref thought they weren’t different enough from the barcodes when the players were in motion.

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