A View From Row Z: Red Dawn

Can't fight it anymore America. Soccer is coming.

It’s a rivalry for the ages, so you better wake up for it.

Manchester United welcome Liverpool FC to Old Trafford early this morning to kick off a day chock full of football.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s men still have fully legitimate title aspirations while King Kenny’s side still cling to hopes of Champions League football next term.

There’s already plenty at stake, but throw in the racial incident that occurred between United’s Patrice Evra and Count Chocula look-alike Luis Suarez and you’ve got a match which both sides will be desperate to win.

Suarez is in the starting line-up and has already heard it from the United faithful. You know? The ones in the green and yellow scarves.

He’s partnered by Kuyt who’s been a real thorn in the Red Devil’s side lately.

On the other side SAF is still relying heavily on his old guard in midfield, a boy named Roo, and David De Gea, who must hope to capitalize on two saves last week and build some momentum to prove he was worth his price tag.

I seem to remember this fixture letting me down plenty of times in the past, but I have a feeling this one just can’t disappoint.

Join us below for the full day’s fixture list. And mirth!

Sweet, sweet mirth.

Saturday, February 11

7:30am Manchester United vs Liverpool, ESPN2, EPL
  9:30am Dortmund vs Leverkusen, GolTV, Germany
  9:30am Bayern Munich vs Kaiserslautern, ESPND, Germany
10:00am Everton vs Chelsea, FSC, EPL
10:00am Arsenal vs Sunderland, FSC+, EPL
12:00pm Milan vs Udinese, FSCD, Italy Serie A
12:00pm Santander vs Atletico Madrid, ESPND, Spain La Liga
12:30pm Tottenham vs Newcastle, FSC, EPL
  2:00pm Barcelona vs Osasuna, GolTV, Spain La Liga
  2:45pm Cagliari vs Palermo, FSC, Italy Serie A
  3:30pm Benefica vs Nacional, ESPN3, Portugal
  4:00pm Real Betis vs Athletic Bilbao, GolTV, Spain La Liga
  5:00pm Fulham vs Stoke, FSC, EPL
  6:00pm Monterrey vs Guadalajara, TLF, Mexico
  6:00pm Jaguares vs Queretaro, FSCD, Mexico
  8:00pm Pachuca vs Estudiantes, TLF, Mexico
  8:00pm San Luis vs Tigres UANL, GALA, Mexico
  9:45pm Atlas vs America, TLF, Mexico
10:00pm Atalante vs Toluca, GALA, Mexico
11:00pm Wellington vs Brisbane, FSC, Australia A- League


68 responses to “A View From Row Z: Red Dawn

  1. Frustrated with finding streams, but I did find a webpage that has (i believe) all the games from the 02 world cup. I’m currently watching us beat Mexico with a 5-6 man backline. It was a bit more magical when I was 12.

  2. We just shit ourselves as soon as we get the ball in the attacking half. “What’s that? Suarez is in the box and he’s only marked by FOUR taller defenders?! Lofted ball at DeGea sounds good to me!”

  3. @Orr: Not in Korea. It’s probably on tv since Koreans love any team with a Korean on them, but I can’t turn on the TV without waking the little one. Not really that sad about it though. I’m waiting for America to get it’s second goal and Cobi ones to be attacked by Marquez

  4. False alarm! Not dead, just having a birthday party. But I understand how you could get that mixed up

  5. Probably but I seldom check Korean papers. They are rather nonchalant about their neighbor. After Dear Leader died there was no celebrating or anything like that. Anyone I ask about the North ust kinda shruggs and says it’s bad/

  6. So, I totally just forgot that Lucas Leiva was good and @avoidingthedrop had to remind me. Am I the only one who only remembers him being horrible?

  7. @wac: he was horrible but he got awesome over the past couple seasons.

    @mp: seconded. I hate that guy so very much

  8. Don’t have a video stream (b/c I’m at work and they’re douches about any video at work), but the Arsenal app/website lets you listen to live audio, which is pretty cool. Nothing much has happened so far. But Everton being up 1-0 over Chelsea and Arsenal dominating possession probably means we’ll concede on Sunderland’s only real chance of the game and fail to make up ground on Chelsea again.

  9. You’ve just called to mind the funniest part of my trip to the Emirates in Sept. Just one dude in the top row every so often hoarsely yelling COME ON YOOUUUU GOOOOONERS! Just once at a time, so no one could join him. Hilarious.

  10. First row got shut down only their eu site is still up. For future reference wiziwig and vipbox are both usually good too

  11. At the other end of the table, QPR being trounced by freaking Blackburn. Is anyone really surprised that a Mark Hughes-led team is playing dreadfully boring football and underachieving? That guy is a plague on every club that hires him since he was at Citeh.

  12. Obviously I want to win, but I wouldn’t mind losing today too terribly so Newcastle can knock Chelsea and Arsenal out of fourth.

  13. It is somewhat awkward to need a Sp*rs win to stay in 4th. I’d take a draw, as Arsenal would still be ahead +8 over NUFC in GD and -8 in points from Sp*rs, which is possible, if unlikely, to overcome.

  14. Yes, but missing Tiote for ACN is a big blow for them. Also, Cabaye and Ryan Taylor are out injured. Still inexcusable to give up 2 that quickly.

  15. Saha and Adebayor look like they’ve been playing together forever. Also, I can’t tell if we look amazing or Newcastle are just total shit.

  16. Jeebus, this is crazy. Looks like Arsenal will have a 10 point hill to climb if we want to catch you guys. Looks like Toon will remain in 6th, with a much more tenuous lead over ‘Pool.

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