Rangers are Boned, and Celtic are Screwed Too

From the depths of the Scottish Premier League we have another piece from our guest contributor Garry. Enjoy the shenanigans of the SPL, they seem familiar to the EPL

I’m not sure how much of this is widely available on the internet, but Rangers are screwed. No amount of buzzwords or fan protests will help.

In the years of former chairman David Murray, the Blues were throwing money around like no tomorrow. Wasting money on pointless, silly signings that bore no fruit(I’m looking at you, Mr £12million Tore Andre Flo). And then along came Craig Whyte. An alleged millionaire who was viewed by a number of people as the savior of an ailing club. He was going to put money into the club. Which the taxman was immediately going to take out again. Rangers owe a lot of money to HMRC and there have been figures bandied about as high as £49million. That’s a lot of money to go missing. Although, not quite as much as a missing Fernando Torres goal.

How a club the size of Rangers has a £49million tax hole, and doesn’t get served with a winding up notice is beyond me. Any other business outside of sports that had an IOU for the government would have been shut down and prosecuted within seconds. A lot of lower league clubs get shafted over much, much less owed money.

Whyte has apparently put £25million of his own money into the club, but nobody seems to know where it has gotten to. The books are due for release next week, but whether that happens, nobody knows.

This last transfer window,  manager Ally McCoist has been given almost no money for new players. Only Mervan Celik joined the club, and he’s rubbish. A few trialists were at the training ground, but the majority didnt make the grade, either through lack of skill, or through high wage demands. To cap the troubles, McCoist has been forced to sell top scorer Nikica Jelavic to Everton for around £6m, with a chunk of that fee being owed to Jelavic’s former club.

Its looking grim for the Soapdodgers on the opposite side of Glasgow. And despite the rampant hatred from the Hoops faithful, its actually a bad thing for Celtic.

Think of it this way, the only real competition in the tin-pot SPL is the Old Firm. With one half gone, Celtic wont be able to attract the players, fill the stadium, generate funds, etc. And with the rest of the league, frankly, shit, the UEFA co-efficient will dissolve to the level of playing qualifying games for the Champions League before the Cypriot and Moldovan teams get going. Celtic would be starting qualifying for the cup before the final takes place.

At no stretch would it open up the SPL. All it would do is make Celtic overly dominant, and drive away supporters. But Celtic have a 65k+ seater stadium, and can you see that being packed out on a wet weekend to play St. Mirren? With one half of the Ugly Sisters gone, there would be no need for it, and it’d become smaller. An albatross around the neck of the club, of glory days gone by. Rubbish.

Rangers have had a total collapse of their season. From being 15 points ahead of Celtic earlier in October, they have now begun to trail behind and are out of all the cups, the SPL being their only chance to salvage their season. But, Jelavic has gone, and Celik is not a striker.

With no Rangers to argue with, there would be no need for Celtic to continue to improve. And with that, begins the decline of Scottish football, which is in no way a healthy competition already.

As much as I’d love to see the decline of Rangers Football Club as a playing unit, and them slide further down the ladder, I am in the minority of Celtic fans in that I want them to continue to survive. An SPL without Rangers would be a tragedy for a problematic league, but there is form for money problems in Scottish football. Dundee were docked points for going into adminisration, andso were Livingston, coupled with their relegation to the 3rd division.

The SPL have to follow form, regardless of the stature of the team, but it’s also in their interest to see the team in the top division for a monetary gain.

It’s tough, but the filthy Bluenoses have to live on and get through this massive crisis. Above all they have to get rid of Ally McCoist,  I hate his soppy little pudding face.


One response to “Rangers are Boned, and Celtic are Screwed Too

  1. Interesting piece Garry. I’m not sure the loss of Rangers as competition in the SPL itself would really hurt Celtic, since it is currently their ONLY competition after all.

    But the UEFA coefficient point is a decent one. Celtic don’t attract upper echelon talent already, but players that go there at least know they’ll get a solid chance at high-level European play. Put that more in doubt and they could be in trouble as well.

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