The Four Five Two Endorsement for Next England Manager

Jose looks up to the man we've selected to helm England through Euro 2012 (credit:

With news of Fabio Capello’s resignation from the England post sweeping the football world, speculation obviously turns to who the next man in charge will be.

Will ‘Arry Redknapp parlay his run at Tottenham into fulfilling his lifelong dream?

Will Martin O’Neill take the post he was once passed over for in favor of Steve McClaren?

Or will Jose Mourinho’s ego carry him from capital to capital?

When we at Four Five Two discussed Capello’s departure, our own MP had a suggestion:

“Find someone that will bring a bunch of kids to the euros. They wont win it anyways, so give them some experience at a major international tournament and send them down to brazil in 2014 with that under their belts. “

It is with that in mind, dear readers, that we unveil our endorsement for the next England manager.

England, this is your destiny (credit:

Ladies and gentlemen, we at Four Five Two endorse Sam Allardyce for England manager.

It’s perfect.  He already believes he’d be better for Real Madrid or Inter Milan than his normal Blackburn/Bolton/West Ham posts, so he clearly has the ego to do it.

Throwback tactics to evoke the spirit of ’66?  He’s got ’em in spades.  ITV could even run England matches in grainy black and white, and no one would know the difference.

Finally, England’s expectations, per MP would be so low that literally anything would get the fans excited.  Cahill and Jones at the back?  Fine.  The Ox on the wing?  Absolutely!  An Agbonlahor/Sturridge/Welbeck attacking trident?  Whyever not?

Just listen to Sam direct players in training. He’s got the voice of God act down; he could harden England’s youth into a cup winning army!

In this case, the FA has no choice.  The dullest man in football is a dare that England can’t afford not to take.


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