Route One Football: English FA Edition

Hope your Wednesday is treating you well. Only two more days of work until you get to see some scintillating matchups like Everton – Chelsea, Newcastle – Spurs, and United – Pool. Today we have some fantastic links, at least accoring to me, to get you through the day. Also remember to have a listen to our brand new podcast AM 452. Just click the tab at the top of the site.

A Football Report takes a look at the new Indian Premier League for soccer. I’m curious to see how the league does, andwhat affect it could have on India’s national team.

Who wants a gif of Suarez kicking Scott Parker in the stomach? Better question is who doesn’t

A fantastic goal for Genoa, it is quick like Louis Saha

John Terry is a very bad boy. How bad? SoccerLens lists all of his transgressions for us to mock him.

They also talk about Fernando Torres, and go into some good detail about why he is failing to do anything other than run around the pitch. Hey maybe ‘Arry would like to buy him.

Blackpool advanced to the 5th round of the FA Cup with a 3-0 victory over Sheffield Wednesday. They get to face Everton in a few weeks, but until then take a look at a few of their fantastic finishses

Futfanatico covers everything about the Egypt tragedy in a nice little roundup

A nice video of what happens when you elbow a player in the face, never the smartest of ideas, but the announcer really makes the video fun

The Shin Guardian makes the argument that Donovan and Demspey should be thought of more as Stockton and Malone and not as rivals.

From Dirty Tackle, how many Huh Bob jokes could be made that he didn’t know where he was. In all serious props to Bradley for taking a stand about all of this.

Finally, your weekly WAG is an oldie but goodie. Abbey Clancy takes this one. Enjoy.


4 responses to “Route One Football: English FA Edition

  1. Bonus video: Christian Vieri attempts capoeira dancing on Italy’s “Dancing with the Stars”.

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