A View from Row Z: Super Sunday

I actually care a lot about Scottish football today.

Today may be the one day all year that some of us allow the pigskin to take priority over the beautiful game.

But luckily there is still plenty of quality soccer on to hold us over while the talking heads blabber about every little angle of the Super Bowl.

Sure we complain about the quality of soccer analyst in this country, but the football announcers can be as thick as the 7-layer taco dip the WAGs are already up making.

And they don’t even have Warren Barton’s refined accent.

Hopefully they’re all too busy to seep into Fox’s broadcast of Manchester United v. Chelsea, the real jewel of today’s fixture list.

Elsewhere, matches might actually be played in Italy today, so Milan welcoming a wounded Napoli to the San Siro promises to be a good pregame for all those commercials.

Here are all the games you haven’t already missed!

1:00am Sydney FC vs Newcastle, FSC, Australia A-League
  6:30am Genoa vs Lazio, FSC+, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
  6:30am Ajax vs Utrecht, ESPND, ESPN3, Netherlands
  8:30am Newcastle vs Aston Villa, FSC, EPL
  9:00am Juventus vs Siena, FSC+, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
  9:00am Palermo vs Atalanta, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
  9:30am Freiburg vs Werder Bremen, ESPND, Germany
10:30am Manchester United vs Chelsea, FOX, EPL
11:00am Sochaux vs Lille, FSC, France
12:00pm Sevilla vs Villarreal, GolTV, Spain La Liga
  2:45pm Milan vs Napoli, FSC, Italy Serie A
  3:00pm Marseille vs Lyon, FSC+, France
  3:30pm Atletico Madrid vs Valencia, ESPN3, Spain La Liga


24 responses to “A View from Row Z: Super Sunday

  1. So, Newcastle is trying an experiment to see how well a quality Ligue Un side can do in the EPL yeah?

  2. I have no idea why, but I have a feeling Torres is going to have a big game (in a good way) today.
    Rooting for the meteor regardless…

  3. Unrelated note: Watching the adverts on FSC, I wish I had a mom that bought me beer and pot when I was like 14. That’s pretty sweet lol

  4. They’re really selling JT to the US public here. “He’s a big enough scumbag he could be a Cincinnati Bengal…”

  5. Sadly no, Orr. But I’m going to imagine “slapping” as “kung-fu kicking in the head”.

  6. Ahhhh, makes sense.
    Also, I enjoy Howard Webb setting up the “I’m not a Man U fan” moments early so he can give a questionable critical penalty to Man U later.

  7. So, Brian, Johnny Evans is crap, Irish, and Fergie probably hates him now. Moyes will sign him in the summer for about 1 million.

  8. Yes, so Evans will probably play better after he’s a Toffee.
    That said, how can the Super Bowl not be a let down? Great fun to watch.

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