A View From Row Z: Apathetic Saturday Edition

Welcome to our Saturday View From Row Z. Not a whole lot of exciting matches for the casual fan, Everton v. Wigan is the 10am match on Fox Soccer tells you everything you need to know. The big match is tomorrow when Chelsea and Manchester United square off on Fox. Other than that, maybe we can watch Deuce compound Manchester Arabia’s problems in the late match, or Arsenal drop points to Blackburn early on in the day. Whatever your cup of tea is, stick around and enjoy today’s matches.

8:00am Arsenal vs Blackburn, ESPN2, EPL

  9:00am Roma vs Inter, FSC+, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
9:30am Leverkusen vs Stuttgart, ESPND, ESPN3, Germany
10:00am Wigan vs Everton, FSC, EPL
12:00pm Athletico Bilbao vs Espanyol, ESPND, Spain La Liga
12:30pm Manchester City vs Fulham, FSC, EPL
2:00pm Real Madrid vs Getafe, ESPND, Spain La Liga
  4:00pm Barcelona vs Real Sociedad, GolTV, Spain La Liga
6:00pm Atlante vs Queretaro, Telefutura, Mexico
6:00pm Monterrey vs San Luis, Galavision, Mexico
8:00pm Guadalajara vs Morelia, Telemundo, Mexico
9:00pm Petapa vs Marquense, Telecentro, Guatemala

72 responses to “A View From Row Z: Apathetic Saturday Edition

  1. Jesus Christ. I wake up early to rain so heavy I cant get ESPN2s signal, and we go down in the 2nd minute. Time to go back to bed, methinks. That, or build an ark.

  2. My two year old just sat down to watch the game with me and immediately screamed out “oh my dod!” which must have been my stock response to Arsenal’s wasted opportunities last game.

  3. Finally have a signal back. Looks like ESPN3 is about 11 seconds ahead of the satellite. We look like shit in the present and in the past…

  4. So hard to complain to 3-1 at the half…nice that we’ve been finishing chances. Giving up a goal on a set piece was kind of a given. I say rest RvP and bring on Titi for the 2nd half, even if he doesn’t have the same pace, let him play up top.

  5. I love how the FA says they have the power to strip Terry of the captaincy but then say oh Capello can pick who is the next captain.

  6. God, Everton so would beat Man City on Wednesday and then lose to Wigan like three days later.

  7. Well, I was happy with my decision to watch Baggies-Swans. Fantastic second half of football, that.

  8. @NYK: I just dropped my wife off at the airport. She promised she’d get a picture of her rubbing the Henry statue. I’ll not ask where you’d prefer it to be rubbed, though.

  9. They caught it on FSC’s camera ducksworth, I imagine you’ll be able to find video out there somewhere.

  10. Isn’t shocktop their Belgian white or whitbeir or whatever beer snobs call it? God I miss non-Korean beer. Boys (ironic, since you’re all old men), when buying budweiser is your upper class beer, you realize ust how good America is. all other imported stuff is so expensive, good thing budweiser has a Korean brewery. Also, I miss bootrooms, almost as much as I miss actually watching games.

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