Route One Football: Crazy Goals and Transfer Shenanigans

I was caught up in National Signing Day for my dear old Clemson Tigers, so this weeks Route One Football is a little late. Don’t like it? Take it up with the manager, who is me so good luck with that. Suarez had a better chance of overturning his suspension. Anyway we’ve got some good articles, fantastic goals, and a little bit about Fernando Torres or something.

Over at FourFourTwo, they list the best January signings since 2003

The video below comes to us from Bolivia via A Football Report. Erlan Mealla scores one of the craziest goals of the year. This reminds me of that guy from Ireland who went nuts on a couple shots.

Futfanatico has provided everyone with a handy chart that correlates your success in the EPL with the USMNT players your squad has. Enjoy

The Shin Guardian takes a look at the hustle USMNT are known for.

Everton shows up twice on the best and worst transfers according to Who Ate All the Pies

The African Nations Cup is in full swing, and the Ghana v Guinea match produce two fantastic goals

An old favorite returns as the Zimbabwe FA suspends players due to match fixing, Dirty Tackle has you covered on it

In Bed With Maradonna talks about the dark history of Equitorial Guinea who has advanced to the knockout round of the African Cup of Nations

I hit the random button over at Unprofessional Foul and found this article

Your WAG of the Week comes from Everton. Amanda Harrington is rumored to be dating the young Jose Baxter. All I really have to say is well done you cheeky bastard

The drooling begins... now


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