The View From Row Z: Our Cups Runneth Over


That's a tasty mess.

As if keeping up with the transfer deadline day insanity wasn’t enough already, there’s a huge glut of matches scheduled simultaneously this afternoon. You’re gonna need Picture in Picture in Picture in Picture (pat. pend.) to watch them all, or get your ass to a really good footie pub. Easier said than done on a Tuesday, right?

Anyway, I won’t comment much about the games themselves, but you’ll notice from the TV schedule we got from the internet that Chelsea and Swansea are apparently playing a doubleheader, with the second match to be played in Spanish. That should prove quite entertaining.

Keep this post handy as we’ll probably just leave it up for tomorrow’s action as well. Schedule below the jump.

2:45pm Juventus vs Parma, ESPN3, RAI,  Italy Serie A
2:45pm Swansea vs Chelsea, ESPN3, EPL
2:45pm Tottenham vs Wigan, ESPN3, EPL
2:45pm Wolves vs Liverpool, FSC+, EPL
3:00pm Manchester United vs Stoke, ESPN2, EPL
3:00pm Everton vs Manchester City, FSC, EPL
5:00pm Swansea vs Chelsea, ESPND, EPL
6:00pm Libertad vs El Nacional, FSCD, Copa Libertadores

12:00pm Atalanta vs Genoa, FSCD, Italy Serie A
2:45pm Napoli vs Cesena, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
2:45pm Lazio vs Milan, ESPN3, RAI, Italy Serie A
2:45pm Inter vs Palermo, ESPN, Italy Serie A
2:45pm Cagliari vs Roma, ESPN3. Italy Serie A
3:00pm Sunderland vs Norwich, ESPN 3, EPL
3:00pm Arsenal vs Bolton, FSC, EPL
3:00pm Fulham vs West Brom, FSC+, EPL
3:00pm Blackburn vs Newcastle, ESPN3, EPL
3:00pm Barcelona vs Valencia, ESPND, ESPN3, Spain Copa


41 responses to “The View From Row Z: Our Cups Runneth Over

  1. @MP: Brian needs to interview the handcuff guy. Also, how did he get the cuffs around the goalpost? Were they oversized novelty handcuffs?

  2. @BG: excellent questions. I have no idea, I just repeated what the BBC live feed told me.
    Ashley Cole sent off for excessive cuntiness with Chelsea down 1-0 to Swansea.

  3. Citeh fans filing out of Goodison with several minutes plus stoppage time remaining. #ManchesterIsRed

  4. I’m pretty sure Brian went into shock earlier today when we signed our SECOND PLAYER IN ONE SINGLE TRANSFER WINDOW OMG

  5. Also, I’ve seriously had Sky Sports News on all day. I miss Hayley’s boobs, but the other girls are pretty decent too. Er, I mean, they have top class reporting, yeah, that’s it.

  6. Now, back to another good purchase by Bolton: Marvin Sordell coming in, Kevin Davies going out. Tim Ream going to pair with Zat Knight at the back, and Stu potentially playing again soon. My dream of a Bolton-less EPL shall be dashed.

  7. @WNF – Everton: 2 adults; Arsenal: 1 teenager. /weeps.
    Leighton Baines is good, but England are pretty committed to Ca$hley. If Baines keeps it up, there’s no reason he can’t take over as Cole ages out.

  8. We’re also rumored to be signing Ryan Nelsen on loan. So, Harry Redknapp thinks it’s 2006. Awesome.

  9. Was watching Spurs kids play Liverpool kids in the NextGen series. Spurs just went 1-0 up. Now I’m watching Lana Copa del Rey

  10. Two beautiful goals scored by Villa. Shame one of them was Stephen Warnock into his own fucking net.

  11. Al Jazeera half-time show of this Barcelona match is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. The host/anchor asks questions in Arabic to the Spaniard pundits (ex players I assume), who wait for a translation in their earpiece, then spit up their opinion/analysis in Spanish, which is then simultranslated into Arabic for the TV audience. Bizarre.

  12. @WAC – Heh.
    I’ve had enough of the constant fails by Arsenal. 2 or 3 of their last losses/draws were on the same day or the day after Chelsea dropping points. It’s sad, but we deserve every bit of our spot in the table right now. Really glad we picked up nothing but a f**king teenager in January who won’t even smell the first team for 2 years. If we make 4th at the end of the year, I’ll eat my hat.

  13. Also, holy shit on this Egypt story! That’s awful, and thoughts and prayers are with the victims. The army should be ashamed as should the goons who started this ruckus.

  14. @Brian- Fair point, but the whining is a result of the fact that we have the money to spend, but refuse to spend it. At least Everton fans know they’re club are doing the very best they can with the resources available. They can lament not having the resources, but at least they’ve spent what they can.

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