Y u no care about performance on the field!?!?!

The word is circulating around the internets that the Women’s Professional Soccer league is suspending the 2012 season. No official announcement has been made by the league yet, but they’re expected to make a statement later this afternoon. The WPS owners sent out a league-wide email explaining the situation:

“Everyone has been trying so hard to keep things going – considering settlement options, discussing union legal action to intervene in the lawsuit, etc.,” reads the email, “but we just couldn’t manage to make things work.”

The lawsuit mentioned in the email refers to the one filed by magicJack owner Dan Borislow after WPS terminated his franchise for failing to meet league standards (and for having the worst name in the history of things with names). The legal costs to defend this suit placed a lot of financial pressure on a league already strapped for cash. The particulars of the lawsuit aren’t important, all you really need to know is fuck that guy. Anyone who names their team magicJack is surely in the wrong no matter what.

There’s no word yet on what this means for the future of the league beyond 2012, but it’s probably not great. It already had to obtain a special waiver  from the U.S. Soccer Federation to be sanctioned as a real league after it shut down stupidName since the league only had five teams left, well below the required eight. Attendance figures haven’t ever been particularly great, averaging 3,518 people per game last year. And that’s after the league received a significant boost in attendance after the 2011 Women’s World Cup.

It’s a sad day for Women’s Soccer. But let’s not kid ourselves, none of you ever went to their games. It’s all your fault. You misogynist assholes.

I'm not an object, I'm a professional athlete. Well, I used to be.

[Edit: WPS have released a statement announcing the suspension of the 2012 season]


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